once it concerns Westerns, many people think the genre peaked in the "50s and "60s. However, it wasn"t till the "90s that Dr. Quinn, medication Woman hit the air. Following in the 1800s, a rich doctor named Michaela Quinn move from Boston come the Wild West after her father dies. When she arrives, she bring away on a motherly role for her nieces and nephews while juggling her very own practice — as the an initial female doctor the small town of Colorado Springs has ever seen.

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The collection wasn"t intended to be choose up at all, however ran for six seasons, native 1993 to 1998. Right here are some points you can not know around Dr. Quinn, medication Woman.


Joe Lando is nearly as rugged as Sully

Lando didn’t desire to gain a stunt double, so unless something was really dangerous for him to carry out himself, it was every him. According to IMDb, he claimed he was willing to perform things like eat worms and also run on peak of a train because he can not imagine himself having one more opportunity to do them.


‘Dr. Quinn’ was readily available to Seymour at a lucky time

In an interview v NPR, Seymour admitted the she would have taken any role offered come herat the time ofDr. Quinn. "I"d been married to one of the top business managers and also one day I discovered out that ns was fully beyond bankrupt," she said. "Like$9 million in the red v lawsuits native every major bank including the FDIC." She has a day’s notice about Dr. Quinn’s pilot and she signed a five-year contract the next morning.


Dr. Quinn was quite the vixen

Though the collection was only on their air for six seasons, 5 men proposed come her. She embraced one proposal, then he died, and also Sully proposed to her and also they obtained married. But honestly, that’s what viewers had wanted all follow me anyway.


There were a lot of of cast changes

When the pilot aired, producers didn’t expect it to acquire picked up together a series, billing it together a TV movie instead. Once it did acquire picked up, countless actors were unable come commit come the grueling schedule and also were replaced. Many notably, child star Erika Flores left her function as Colleen Cooper ~ two periods after producers refused a raise. She was replaced with Jessica Bowman.


Mr. Rogers quit by the neighborhood

Fred Rogers to be a TV personality, however had never ever acted before. However, once he expressed just how much he enjoyed Dr. Quinn, producers invited him to guest star as Reverend Thomas. It to be the only fictional personality he’s ever portrayed.

You have the right to still sign up with a fan club

If you to be a big fan of wilhelm Shockley, who played the brothel owner Hank Lawson, you deserve to join an active fan club referred to as Hank’s Hussies. As newly a 2014, the team attended a red carpet premiere for a movie he was in.

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Albums were recorded at jane Seymour"s home

While filming happened, Seymour had actually to live in California, leave her house in England empty. Well, kind of. St. Catherine"s Court, her manor house, was supplied as a recording studio. Radiohead recorded OK Computer, The Cure videotaped Wild atmosphere Swings and new Order recorded Waiting because that the Sirens" Call.

Image: Discogs

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