mrs Seymour and Joe Lando, 2004. Bei/ShutterstockBickering exes? Jane Seymour and also her Dr. Quinn, medicine Woman costar Joe Lando didn’t obtain along throughout the show’s filming since it was appropriate after they dated.

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“We no actually speak to every other, other than in conversation or making out for about six or seven years,” Seymour called Us Weekly exclusively at the an imaginative Arts Emmys Night 2 in ~ the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles on September 15. She added that it to be a “difficult” and a “tough” time.

Seymour, 68, portrayed title personality Dr. Michaela “Mike” Quinn and also Lando, 57, played her love interest, Byron Sully. While the onscreen chemistry sizzled, the actress claimed the stars were taking care of a post-breakup awkwardness. The former pair dated throughout the filming the the pilot episode in 1992.

“We, obviously, plainly loved one another and also realized we couldn’t be actually in real-life together. I think we simply played that as Michaela and also Sully,” the Wedding Crashers star told Us.

Seymour claimed their offscreen worries might have provided Michaela and also Byron part extra “sexual tension, that we wouldn’t have had, if we’d been playing happy households or something.”

The previous costars began dating in an unconventional way.


Joe Lando and also Jane Seymour at The 4th Annual Christopher and Dana Reeve structure Gala on December 2, 2008 in Beverly Hills, California. Matt Sayles/AP/Shutterstock

“There to be a flash flood, on the set, a real one, in i beg your pardon my car was being brushed up backwards, and I couldn’t acquire out, since the guy who to be driving it was an intern and did not desire me the end of the car,” she recalled to Us. “I wound under the home window and jumped the end of that car into his truck. The was the start of a wonderful relationship.”

Now, Seymour counts the actor together her “closest girlfriend on the planet.”

She finalized she divorce from her fourth husband, James Keach, in 2015. Lando has actually been married come Kirsten Barlow because 1997.

As because that a Dr. Quinn, medicine Woman reboot, Seymour claimed everyone connected in the present would be interested since they to be a tight-knit team — also with the show’s guest stars.

“We’re all really great friends. That was one of those reflects where the crew never left. Everybody, guest stars maintained begging to come back. Johnny Cash and also June simply begged come come ago all the time. They came back three times. Willie Nelson, two or three times, even Mr. Rogers to be on ours show. No, it was a an excellent show,” Seymour said.

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