For nearly two decades, Dr. Phil McGraw has used his suffer as a clinical and forensic psychologist to intervene in the resides of his guests.

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Tabloid show Dr. Phil has been on the air since 2002 and also was recently renewed until 2023, therefore it’s mirroring no indications of slowing down. For virtually two decades, Dr. Phil McGraw has actually used his endure as a clinical and also forensic psychologist to interference in the resides of the guests he interviews. Countless individuals, friends, and also families have actually written right into the present asking for Dr. Phil’s assist with all sorts that problems. The doctor has helped children with behavior problems, interviewed adults caught in love triangles, and even celebrities-turned-train-wrecks.

Needless to say, in all of Dr. Phil’s seasons, there have been countless stories that have stayed with viewers. This list attributes twenty of the top family members that have been featured in episodes. From youngsters with unruly spending problems to marriages that have gone v the wringer to people putting their loved ones through a rollercoaster ride, Dr. Phil has available his advice and also resources to numerous people. Not every one of his guests take his help. But the ones that do often come back to the present to record up on just how they’ve to be doing.

Keep analysis to view what households have had actually the many memorable story from the Dr. Phil show!

20 The teenager Who assumed She was Pregnant through Jesus

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Hayley was a young person whose household wrote right into the show after she ended up being convinced she was pregnant through Jesus - and also that rapper Eminem to be the father.

Despite multiple pregnant tests and professionals informing her she was no pregnant, the teenager remained confident that she was undoubtedly nine month along. Dr. Phil also arranged one ultrasound for her, despite it did little to help.

In the end, Hayley i agree to go to a treatment facility after ~ Dr. Phil said the audience her mental wellness needed to be evaluated. The teen later on re-appeared ~ above the present for a follow-up and also was maybe to recognize there’d to be no pregnancy (she blamed the on stomach gas). However, Dr. Phil mentioned that it to be still worrying she to be grieving the fake pregnant as despite she’d skilled a loss.

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several years ago, Dr. Phil invited a family members to take component in the show who stated their 12-year-old was hearing voices. During the episode, the pre-teen, named Aneska, admitted to having actually outbursts due to the fact that the period of three. She likewise said she routinely heard voices in her head telling her to damage her younger siblings.

“Sometimes i hear whispers and I can not make out what lock saying,” Aneska told Dr. Phil. “It’s  for me.”

She added that one of the voices, i m sorry she explained as a soldier who passed in battle, stated that she reminded that of his children. Ah!

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In 2017, a man showed up on Dr. Phil claiming that his wife, Kelly, had been slipping the harmful substances for a year. The 30-year-old stated he’d been experiencing strange symptoms because that the previous year that medical professionals were unable to explain, leading him to conclude his wife was spiking his food and also drink with borax ~ he found the substance in her belongings.

His wife, however, vehemently denied his claims. Instead, Kelly stated her husband has various medical problems that define his problems. She said she had actually the borax since she’d to be doing a DIY project. Kelly added that her husband has end up being increasingly paranoid and delusional, adding that he deserve to act choose a “monster.”

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Dr. Phil has featured several adolescents on his display who aren’t shy around how lot of your parent’s money lock spend, and also 17-year-old Tamara has got to it is in the most memorable. After she friends and family created Dr. Phil to obtain help, the teens admitted to the physician that she security an average of $7,000 every month on she looks alone.

Tamara said she gets her hair and also makeup done on a daily basis by a experienced team who pertains to her home. She also owns a selection Rover, despite not having actually a driver’s license. Dr. Phil criticize her mommy for permitting her bad spending habits, stating her mother had actually no trouble taking she on $10,000 to buy sprees.

last year, a woman showed up on Dr. Phil recounting how she discovered her nanny, Ashleigh, had a double life. No only had actually the family’s nanny lied around being pregnant come them, but she would likewise claim to be the mother of the little boy she was looking after. And also the notable part was she observed nothing wrong v it!

The mother found her nanny to be a fake once she when saw she adjusting the pillow underneath she shirt the was claimed to look like a baby bump.

After law a search on social media, the mom found a profile she nanny produced in i beg your pardon she post photos of the tiny boy dressed as a girl, claiming that was her daughter. We have a feeling this family members sticks come daycare only nowadays!

In 2016, Dr. Phil to be thrown because that a curveball when he had to deal with a woman, called Olivia, who claimed her daughter had actually been illegal adopted. Both she and her mother showed up on the show to controversy why they believe the girl’s adoptive mother, Jillian, is an unfit parent.

Olivia said she offered birth at the period of 16-years old, and due come a troubled house life, feel pressured to ar her baby for adoption. She claimed Jillian promised to save her associated in the child’s life, however that there is no happened.

Jillian, top top the other hand, stated she doesn’t feeling comfortable having Olivia in she daughter’s life together Olivia had been “stalking” them. She was also worried around what Olivia would certainly say come the girl, which might be detrimental to she wellbeing.

Audience members definitely felt creeped out when Dr. Phil interview one untraditional family members that to be technically barely legal.

In 2015, 61-year-old Thom had no problem admitting top top live tv that his 19-year-old girlfriend was pregnant. And the other details the the man"s family case only made things that much more complicated and confusing.

Thom self was a pastor, that turned his life approximately after a history of crime. He admitted that he’d always been interested in the ide of polygamy and also believed it to be his “right” to have multiple women. The only human who no seem okay v this arrangement was Dr. Phil.

critical year, 20-year-old Taylor showed up on Dr. Phil claiming that her mom stole her identification on number of occasions in bespeak to open multiple credit cards. She stated her mom had been doing it since she turned 18 and had opened up as numerous as ten cards in the 2 years since. Taylor added that she’d filed many police reports against her mom.

Her mother, however, denied she daughter’s claim and said that she was aware of every time she opened up a map in she name. She stated she only did it to pay the energy bill in her daughter’s surname so she could give proof of residence to she college. Dr. Phil of food wasn’t fear to call out the problematic mommy on her nonsense, saying that she can’t simply pretend the evidence isn’t there.

us don’t understand if Dr. Phil ever had a guest together entitled together 19-year-old Cherylyn. The teenager’s mom wrote right into the display after she daughter maxed out all seventeen of she mom’s credit transaction card and subsequently placed them $25,000 in debt.

When Dr. Phil tried to describe the seriousness that the instance to Cherylyn (aka the fact that she’d committed identify fraud), she stated it no a crime since her mommy had given told her what she social security number was.

When the asked she why she racked up all the debt, the teen coolly said: “Because ns can.” when Dr. Phil then asked if she’d perform things in different way a second time around, Cherylyn sound unsure as she replied, “Probably.”

earlier this year, a distressed mother appeared on Dr. Phil asking for the doctor’s help with her 12-year old son, whom she claimed was i heard with intense video games. As the illustration went on, it ended up being clear the pre-teen’s online habits was anything however normal.

Not only would the play for up to 20 hours straight, but it would often make the aggressive and also disrespectful. That gone together far regarding lock his mommy out the the residence of one occasion and also refused come let her ago in till she brought him Starbucks (which she did). His mom revealed that her son’s favorite games included Fortnite and also Grand Theft Auto.

However, not only did Dr. Phil contact out the boy’s poor behavior, he additionally criticized his mommy for allowing his behavior.

numerous of the guests on Dr. Phil who’ve had their children removed native their treatment by the authorities space desperate to obtain them back. Back in 2016, a mother-of-three had actually no difficulty admitting that she to be glad her kids were bring away by CPS.

Why? because she said, “It’s a blessing having some freedom without my kids.” Amber claimed that, when her kids were in custody, she was taking the moment to carry out things she never gained to do in her youth and that she to be “enjoying” it. Among other things, Amber was also hoping to go after a profession together a race auto driver.

However, Dr. Phil pointed out that she was doing barely something to gain her kids back, including lacking scheduled visitations. That said opportunities weren’t looking good for her uneven she turned she act about soon.

Audience members couldn’t think their ears when Kaylie admitted she believes her 14-year-old daughter Gabrielle is “blossoming” under she supervision, despite permitting her to drop the end of school. Kaylie says her nursing strategy is to permit her teenager perform “whatever makes her happy.”

Her ex-husband wrote into the display to get help for his teenager daughter, who was open for the camera around her behavior, including partying and disdain for authority. He criticize his ex for drinking and using building material alongside their daughter and for placing her top top birth control at age 12. Kaylie stated her ex-husband was as well “square” and also should obtain with the times. Yikes!

back in 2015, a pair made headlines ~ it was revealed the level to which lock mistreated their six children, i beg your pardon led the media to dub their home the ‘house that horrors.’

Dr. Phil interviewed the couple’s eldest son, 18-year-old Ian, who revealed just how hellish life was like living v their parents. They stated there was constantly a lock ~ above the refrigerator, defense cameras in the children room and also kitchen, and they were regularly served moldy food.

There was likewise a multitude of other really bad problems. Ian entered detail around the things the parents were telling the youngsters to do, making that a destructive situation, indeed.

critical year, a teenager wrote Dr. Phil questioning him to interference in her mother’s relationship. Why? due to the fact that her mother was date the guy who had actually been convicted of act harm. In spite of being found guilty the the crime, she states her mother did no hesitate in getting back to that after he acquired out of the slammer.

The teenager called Dr. Phil she wanted her mother to finish the relationship and that her little sister should have actually supervised access time only. She mother, on the other hand, claimed that the incident was all a mistake and also he didn’t median to cause any kind of injury, regardless of Dr. Phil trying to to convince her the facts said otherwise. She included her older daughter was just jealous that she had actually a brand-new man in she life.

In 2016, Dr. Phil featured a family members who had actually a very out-of-control 9-year-old, whose parents stated they were worried she to be going to injury herself or who in the family.

Personal video footage indigenous the household showed Makenze doing whatever from biting her parents come throwing furniture. She’d done everything from throwing scissors in ~ a teacher to advertise her infant cousin’s crib over.

In the episode, it was revealed Makenze had actually seen 5 psychiatrists and three therapists due to the fact that she to be 5 years old. She’d additionally been ~ above a slew of medicines for conditions like ODD, ADHD, and also Disruptive atmosphere Disorder, however nothing seemed to be helping in the long-term.

throughout a 2018 episode, Dr. Phil featured a household whose daughter, Tia, asserted they were all out to gain her. Special, she said they to be on a mission to do her watch crazy, whereas she family asserted they were only pertained to by her erratic behavior.

Tia’s father and step-mother said their daughter was constantly making up lies around them, if she said they were refusing to own up to every the points they’ve put her through. Among many things, Tia claimed her father did not treat her appropriately and also hacked she social media.

Her father, however, claims she’s the one who acted out-of-line v him once they’ve been roughly people, and also that he’s never hurt her before.

In 2016, a family with a an extremely unique instance came top top the Dr. Phil show. In the episode, a involved mother and father said their teenage daughter had actually met a boy from Argentina online and also they began virtually dating. She became convinced she remained in love with him and also wanted to relocate to live with him.

However, the parents told Dr. Phil they were pertained to the young was fake and was in reality a predator trying to lure their daughter right into a trap. In the end, Dr. Phil ends up setup up a skype call between the family and the boy and his parental to prove that the digital romance was, in fact, legitimate. We wonder if they ever got to satisfy each other in genuine life!

last year, a male wrote right into Dr. Phil asking for assist addressing his wife’s safety problem. Regardless of the pair making a linked total the $90,000 per year, she out-of-control purchases put them more than $60,000 under in a few short years.

During the episode, the wife described she mostly spent the money top top clothing and also accessories, boasting around how she owns 50 bag of shoes and 100 dresses. Why walk she insurance claim to shop so much? during the episode, she accurate said: “I blame that for not providing me sufficient attention.” We have a emotion this is one couple Dr. Phil no able come save.

It’s not only adolescents who give their parents grief. It turns out children can take a toy fee on your parents well right into adulthood, just like this 24-year-old who admitted to stealing countless dollars from she parents… however didn’t watch what the huge deal was.

During her episode, Elizabeth’s parents claimed she’s opened up various credit cards in she parents" names after ~ finding their social defense numbers when snooping around the house. She additionally did the very same to she disabled aunt, too. Even more, she parents included that Elizabeth would regularly take the money they offered her for college tuition and spent it in ~ the mall, which probably explains why she no graduate.

last year, troubled teenager Madie called Dr. Phil the her parents just reported her absent to covering their own behinds after ~ kicking her out of the house. After a huge argument through her parents, and them telling her to gain out, Maddie claimed she moved in through a male she met online and also dropped the end of school.

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Her parents, Jim and Beth, speak they no hear from her for over 2 months, which prompted them to go to the authorities. Maddie contrarily said she was texting her parents almost every day. She added that she then-boyfriend started mistreating her and also she started fearing for she life, and also even though she says her parental knew the situation, they wouldn"t let she come back home.

Sources: The Dr. Phil Show

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