Dr. Phil is one American talk present hosted by Dr. Phil McGraw. That debuted top top September 16, 2002, after ~ McGraw had enjoyed success with the "Tuesdays v Dr. Phil" segment ~ above the hugely famous Oprah Winfrey Show. On both mirrors McGraw offers advice in the kind of "life strategies" from his experience as a clinical psychologist. The display covers a wide range of human concern topics, including weight loss, financial planning, errant children, gift suggestions, and also support for an excellent causes.

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Dr. Phil Season 14 (2015-2016)
14x01 A baby Ripped from the Womb: One Mother’s NightmareAn strike in Colorado practically too brutal to believe: A fetus ripped indigenous a mother"s womb. Dr. Phil has actually the exclusive interview with brave survivor Michelle Wilkins, who story make ... Sep. 14, 2015
14x02 Athlete come Escort: A Champion Runner's fall from GraceFrom athlete come escort: Suzy donate Hamilton is a previous world-class jogger who appeared to have a picture-perfect life. She to be a champion. She showed up in a Nike commercial. She go ... Sep. 15, 2015
14x03 TV Star's Alcoholism & Depression Spiral out of Control: can His career Be Saved? TV Star Nicholas Brendon is ideal known for his duty as “Xander Harris” ~ above the hugely famous TV display Buffy the Vampire Slayer and most newly for his duty as “Kevin Lynch” ... Sep. 16, 2015
14x04 A military Cop's Confession come His Family: "I want to it is in a Woman"Gary claims he to be floored when his nephew Zach, whom he’s been raising since he to be a couple of days old and also considers a son, revealed a desire come “become a woman” and identifies together ... Sep. 17, 2015
14x05 MMA Fighter noble of Battling outside the Ring v Ex-Wife over your SonMMA Fighter Eddie, 33, has spent the past eight year battling his ex-wife Melissa, 36, in court, end custody of their son. Melissa has actually lost custody twice, yet she claims Eddie and also ... Sep. 18, 2015
14x06 "My Daughter is a Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Egomaniacal, Drug-Addicted Liar and also Thief"Constance says her adult daughter Candice is a lying, chaotic, mooching, immature terror, who steals and lives rent complimentary in she house. Candice is proud to say she is young, hot and also ... Sep. 21, 2015
14x07 "Accused of Kidnapping Our very own Child"Waco and Alley case Waco’s mother, Stacy, and also her husband, Jacob, room trying to “steal” your 3-year-old daughter, however Stacy and Jacob claim the parents room neglectful toward ... Sep. 22, 2015
14x08 A mommy Missing, component 1: A Stepfather AccusedShelbie’s mother, Carie Zapletal, went absent nearly nine months ago, and she believes her stepfather, Ed, and possibly his daughter, Lauren, had something to carry out with her disappearance. ... Sep. 23, 2015
14x09 A mom Missing, part 2: What taken place to Carie?In part 2, Ed’s daughter, Lauren, reveals what she says happened the night she stepmother, Carie Zapletal, walk missing. Does it cracked the case wide open? Is her account plausible? ... Sep. 24, 2015
14x10 "Mom Kicked Me the end at 15:" Is Daughter Ungrateful or Is mom Delusional?Beverly and also her daughter, Courtney, 20, have actually been estranged for five years after what Beverly claims was one fight around a messy home prior to her daughter walked the end of her life. Courtney ... Sep. 25, 2015
14x11 "My mommy is precious Millions: Is her Husband a catch or a 'Catfish'?"Jordan says he is fear his mom, Deanna"s, husband could drain his family’s inheritance. Deanna married James in Nigeria six years earlier after meeting him abroad. Deanna states there ... Sep. 28, 2015
14x12 Creepy Dad or Midlife Crisis: “My Husband’s unreasonable Sexting, social Media Posts and Messages to Our Daughter’s Friends” Tammy claims her husband, Richard, is obsessed through social media and sexting with women in secret online groups. Richard claims if Tammy payment him much more attention, he wouldn’t have ... Sep. 29, 2015
14x13 A mom of 4 Who Says: "I Don't desire to be a mom Anymore"Within month of each other, heather tragically lost both she mother and oldest daughter. She now states she has no function in life and flat-out states she doesn"t want to be a mother ... Sep. 30, 2015
14x14 "I think My Daughter's Fiancé is Abusing Her, and also I Desperately need Help"Reeve, 20, is involved to get married the male of her dreams, 30-year-old David, yet Reeve’s father, Kim, and sister, Riley, speak they are afraid Reeve can be do the biggest and also possibly ... Oct. 01, 2015
14x15 "I fear My Terminally okay Son's mam is Abusive, Cheating and Money Hungry"Laurie and also Kirk Sr. To speak they fear for your son, Kirk II, that is battling phase 4 liver cancer. They say as soon as Star, the woman who when left their kid at the altar, heard he had only ... Oct. 02, 2015
14x16 "Our Son claims He is a famous Songwriter: can He it is in Delusional or a understand Manipulator?"Robin states she’s concerned around her 23-year-old son, Riley, who supplies drugs, is homeless and also insists he’s a famous songwriter. Robin states Riley started lying and also manipulating in ~ ... Oct. 05, 2015
14x17 Exclusive: Eight siblings Tortured and Held Hostage by Their own FatherIn a Dr. Phil exclusive, eight siblings are speaking out for the first time about the unthinkable torture they sustained for years under the exact same roof — by their very own father. ... Oct. 06, 2015
14x18 "The Clock is Ticking and also if Dr. Phil Can't aid Us, My wife is Divorcing Me next Week"Vicki and her husband, Mark, have actually been married for only two years, but already they say they are at a crossroads in their relationship. Vicki has actually filed come terminate your marriage, ... Oct. 07, 2015
14x19 "Acquitted of Kidnapping however My Husband Still thinks I'm Guilty"Laura made local headlines when she became the topic of a fugitive examination after gift accused that kidnapping she then 4-year-old daughter and also going ~ above the run. She estranged ... Oct. 08, 2015
14x20 society Media i heard Teens: "I Can't Breathe there is no Wi-Fi"Seventeen-year-old Khloe claims she is so obsessed through social media, she cannot breathe without WiFi. She admits she spends 16-to-18 hours a job on assorted websites and also posting self ... Oct. 09, 2015
14x21 "I reunited with My bear Mother and Now She claims She wishes She Never had actually Me"Adopted together a baby, Rhonda states she wondered throughout she childhood why her birth mother inserted her because that adoption. At 24, she finally met she birth mother, Terri, and says she learned ... Oct. 12, 2015
14x22 "How walk Our child Go native College-Bound Star Athlete to a Homeless 'Moocher' resting in a device Shed?"Rachael and her husband, Tino, face off with their 22-year-old son, Ian, that they to speak went from gift a star student and also athlete come a “moocher” who now sleeps in their device shed! ... Oct. 13, 2015
14x23 Exclusive: High institution Hero Defends Blind teenager in Alleged Bully assault Caught ~ above VideoHuntington beach High college student Cody Pines is being hailed together a hero after ~ the teen was caught on tape taking under an accused bully who was allegedly beating increase legally-blind ... Oct. 14, 2015
14x24 Oprah’s huge Project and also Guilt, Grief, Forgiveness: ideal Friends Connecting after ~ TragedyOprah Winfrey sits down with Dr. Phil come share her new, week-long documentary series “Belief.” The documentary depicts how human being with a wide variety of ideas search for deeper ... Oct. 15, 2015
14x25 “I ended up being a Trending Topic.” Peeple application Creator set the document StraightJulia, a marketing entrepreneur, says when she produced the Peeple app, which enables people to be reviewed, the society media buzz wasn’t what she bargained for. Deemed by some as “Yelp ... Oct. 16, 2015
14x26 “My Gambling, Addicted mom is $400,000 in the Hole, around to lose Her Home and also Possibly she 14-Year-Old Son!”Serena claims she’s begged she mother, Debbie, to fight the urge of she gambling addiction prior to she loses she home and also possibly, she fears, custody of her teenage son! Serena says ... Oct. 19, 2015
14x27 She to be a Model, a Marine, yet Now She's a MessBill and Marlena say your daughter Courtney to be a beautiful child and model who, ~ the occasions of 9/11, made decision to join the military. While offer in Iraq, Courtney says she was ... Oct. 20, 2015
14x28 Hollywood Facialist Accused of rental a Hit male Speaks the end for the very first TimeHollywood skin professional to the stars Dawn DaLuise claims she constructed her business and reputation on her avant garde beauty beauty treatments and also celebrity clients, such as Jennifer Aniston, ... Oct. 21, 2015
14x29 “I'm Fighting because that Custody that My son with mine Ex-Husband who I think is Stalking Me”Leslie says her ex-husband, Andy, is controlling, abusive and also narcissistic, and she desperately really hopes one job to have joint custody of your 5-year-old son. She claims Andy stalks her ... Oct. 22, 2015
14x30 “Dr. Phil, I require Your assist Again: my Daughter is Hitchhiking and Train Hopping as a Portland Street Kid”Five year ago, Tammy involved Dr. Phil for aid with what she referred to as unleashing her “special brand” of anger on she then 15 and 13-year-old daughters, Tatiana and Tameeka — yelling ... Oct. 23, 2015
14x31 A baby on the Way: “I Think my Daughter & her Fiancé room Unfit parental & ns Am Fighting for Custody of my Unborn Grandchild!”Twenty-year-old Kiersten is 7 months pregnant and says she’s ready to parent her daughter with her fiancé, Jadan, 22. But Kiersten’s mother, Karen, says, “no way.” Karen ... Oct. 26, 2015
14x32 “Our Father has a secret Life southern of the Border and Has offered $1.5 Million to His former Mistress”Karina and her six sisters claim their father, Maurice, has actually conned and also stolen virtually $2 million from friends, family, and also strangers to give to his former mistress, Josephina, that insists ... Oct. 27, 2015
14x33 Love Triangle Troubles: “Torn in between My 'City Boy' Husband & my 'Country Boy' Boyfriend”Julie has actually been married to she husband, Richard, for 13 years yet has invested the last year and also a half in an affair with her childhood girlfriend Lloyd. Julie claims Richard has detailed stability, ... Oct. 28, 2015
14x34 Subway Sandwich King to child Sex Scandal: The Jared Fogle Audio TapesInside ex-Subway spokesman Jared Fogle"s shocking sex scandal: for the first time ever, hear the disturbing mystery audio tapes that Fogle talking around having sex v minors. Previous ... Oct. 29, 2015
14x35 The Jared Fogle Audio Tapes: His Plans to Target ChildrenMore shocking admissions in the never-before-heard Jared Fogle recordings. Best known for his dramatic weight loss, the previous Subway spokesman has actually agreed to plead guilty to charges ... Oct. 30, 2015
14x36 “I'm concerned My Brother-in-Law is having an Affair with My 16-Year-Old Daughter”Bridget claims she’s worried the her 38-year-old brother-in-law, Kevin, may be having actually an inappropriate connection with her 16-year-old daughter, Grace. She says Kevin visits and also ... Nov. 02, 2015
14x37 Uncle Kevin answers the AccusationsBridget states she’s not certain what come believe about the relationship between her 38-year-old brother-in-law, Kevin, and 16-year-old daughter, Grace. She claims red flags were increased that ... Nov. 03, 2015
14x38 “My Son-in-Law is Selfish, Angry, Disrespectful and Entitled”Marilyn claims she’s fed up with her son-in-law Adam, that she phone call “irresponsible,” “hot-tempered,” “verbally-abusive,” “entitled,” and a “cheater.” She says she’s ... Nov. 04, 2015
14x39 A Dr. Phil Daytime Exclusive: The Woman who Put drainpipe Cleaner in she Eyes to satisfy Her Dream of gift BlindAmber, aka “Jewel” Shuping, made global headlines when she deliberately made herself blind by putting drainpipe cleaner into her eyes. Jewel says that ever because she was a little ... Nov. 05, 2015
14x40 “My Husband convinced Me to authorize a Postnup, but I desire It Thrown Out!”Karie cases her husband that eight years, Michael, won’t live in the same residence with her, refuses to support her financially, and also even bullied her into signing a postnuptial agreement ... Nov. 06, 2015
14x41 Badmouthing, Bruises and also a bitter Custody Battle: What go the ar Say?Linda"s neighbor Sandra is in the middle of a bitter custody fight with she ex-husband, Joey, and Linda says she’s tired of the town hall their 2 daughters get recorded in the center ... Nov. 09, 2015
14x42 A bitterness Custody Battle: cases of toxicity in ice Cream, a child Wrapped in a rubbish Bag and Inappropriate Touching: What will the Polygraph Reveal?Sandra and her ex-husband, Joey, recognize they’re in a bitterness custody battle, and Sandra’s neighbor, Linda, says she’s concerned for their 2 young daughters caught in the middle. ... Nov. 10, 2015
14x43 Surrogate mom Convicted for Scamming couple out of Thousands with Fake PregnancyAudrey make headlines and landed behind bars for to run a surrogacy scam, by pretending to be pregnant and conning couples out of hundreds of dollars. The 36-year-old mom of four ... Nov. 11, 2015
14x44 Exclusive: The very first Victim that the Fogle Sex Scandal come Forward. Covert Cameras, secret Recordings, One Girl's Cautionary TaleIn a nationwide television exclusive, the first identified victim in the Jared Fogle sex scandal speak out only to Dr. Phil. Sixteen-year-old Analissa cases that when she to be 14, she ... Nov. 12, 2015
14x45 “My wife is Divorcing Me because She is Obsessed with a nation Music Star”Travis states that ~ eight year of marriage, his wife, Jenna, sent out him a text post on her means home indigenous a Kip Moore concert saying that she is “100 percent in love” v the ... Nov. 13, 2015
14x46 “I'm afraid My Daughter to be Kidnapped by she Survivalist Boyfriend”Eighteen-year-old Alexis" parents fear that her boyfriend kidnapped her and held she hostage -- a claim they both deny. Nov. 16, 2015
14x47 mine Ex-Wife insurance claims I Molested our Daughter that Ran Off v Her BoyfriendEighteen-year-old Alexis" biological father says her mother, Gina, accused that of molesting her when she was a toddler, and also he wants to prove his innocence. Nov. 17, 2015
14x48 adopted Twin, Beaten, Strangled, Starved and Locked in a Room: The exclusive InterviewTina claims her kids lived in a home of horrors through their father and stepmother; 2 of the eldest speak out for the an initial time about the problems they speak they endured. Nov. 18, 2015
14x49 our Wanna-Be Male version Son Is telling the human being We Abused Him: It's every a Lie! Aspiring design Stephen, 20, articles online claims that he was abused by his parents as a child; they say he is the one who is hostile and abusive, and he once had actually to it is in institutionalized; ... Nov. 19, 2015
14x50 Exclusive: Estranged couple Michael and also Kate Lohan shed Custody of your Children: What yes, really Happened?Michael Lohan tells what he says occurred the night he lost custody of his two toddler sons v his mam Kate Major, who he says is a volatile, ``raging alcoholic."" Nov. 20, 2015
14x51 to be This Teacher Drunk in she Elementary college Classroom?Bad teacher? Michelle made headlines once she was accused that the unthinkable: arriving drunk to substitute teach youngsters at an Oklahoma elementary school school. Police to speak Michelle"s blood-alcohol ... Nov. 23, 2015
14x52 “My crazy Childhood: mine Dad to be The breast Pump Bandit and also His Mistress stayed in Our House”Lauren states she resents her parents, Laura and John, for the life she claims she live as a teen. She claims that Laura neglected to teach her any kind of life skills and urged her to drop ... Nov. 24, 2015
14x53 The Unbelievable Story that the breast Pump Bandit: His Affairs, His Addictions, His ExcusesOn Tuesday, amid cases of drinking and doing drugs with adolescents and extramarital affairs, Dr. Phil revealed that Lauren’s father, John, had been dubbed the “Breast Pump Bandit” ... Nov. 25, 2015
14x54 the end of Control, the end of Patience and Out of TimeJennifer says she’s at her wits’ end with she 13-year-old son’s behavior problems. She claims he’s angry and also violent, beginning fires, endangers to death people and also claims he sees ... Nov. 27, 2015
14x55 Mama's little Boy or Daddy's little Girl: identification Confusion or Brainwashing?Michelle and her ex-husband, Kyle, say as soon as their daughter Aubrey was born intersex, castle agreed to raise her as a girl. Until recently, they speak they’ve been co-parenting Aubrey, ... Nov. 30, 2015
14x56 Star Nicholas Brendon Update: The Real male Behind the News Scandals and ArrestsNicholas Brendon (``Buffy the Vampire Slayer,"" ``Criminal Minds"") return to challenge his battle with alcoholism and also depression. Dec. 01, 2015
14x57 three Sisters Divided: our Sister's Self-Destructive actions Is killing Our Mother and Could Land her Behind BarsElvia and Erica issue that your sister is dangerously promiscuous and abusive toward their mother, and also they fear for their mother"s health. Dec. 02, 2015
14x58 mine Husband vs. My Lying Ex: Time Is Running the end for This Wife recorded in the MiddleJohn"s wife has terminal cancer, and when she is unable to do he may have to co-parent her kids with her ex, Rick, that they to speak is a narcissist, medicine addict and thief; Rick claims his ex-wife"s ... Dec. 03, 2015
14x59 ns Can't speak No come Anything and It can Literally death MeSadie is a full time high-school teacher, a beauty, beauty queen and a candidate for political office; Courtney has OCD and spends most of she time trying to avoid germs. Dec. 04, 2015
14x60 should I give Up On acquiring Hot?Nadine is a beautiful 36-year-old who claims behind her smile is a mrs traumatized by a lifelong obsession to it is in thin. She estimates that end the years, she gained and also lost at ... Dec. 07, 2015
14x61 pet Activist Under AttackAn animal rescuer comes challenge to face with members that a hateful on facebook group specialized to ruining her reputation. Dec. 08, 2015
14x62 I'm Terrified My boy Could become a massive Murderer Dec. 09, 2015
14x63 The pain of marriage Remorse: I'm prepared to leave My Husband, who Is 26 year OlderBrenda says her much-older husband came to be crazy and also temperamental shortly after your wedding; Bev fears the her sister"s younger boyfriend is in the partnership for a environment-friendly card and ... Dec. 10, 2015
14x64 mine Daughter Is Obsessed v Being the black Sheep: Is She Mentally ok or a Drama Queen?Kim fears for her teen daughter"s safety and also wonders if mental illness might be the reason of her outrageous behavior. Dec. 11, 2015
14x65 we Think Our mommy Is Cheating, Lying and Choosing guys Over Us! should We reduced Her off or reduced Her part Slack?Teen girls and their grandm are concerned by their mother"s promiscuous habits and an option to party with guys rather 보다 be a mom; she states she is all set to cut ties if they execute ... Dec. 14, 2015
14x66 one In-Law Ultimatum: my Beauty Queen Daughter's Ex-Cop Husband requirements to obtain a task or acquire Out of my House!Daniela states her husband has actually been fighting the debilitating symptom of PTSD and she resents she mother, through whom castle live, because that calling him lazy and also worthless because he does not ... Dec. 15, 2015
14x67 2 DUIs, 5 Stints in Rehab, 22 job in a Coma, 1 Upcoming Wedding, 3 Kids, and 1 Fed-Up WifeScott insists the was not drunk once he fell down a trip of stairs and says he has actually his drinking under control, but his family tells a different story; the winner of the go a job ... Dec. 16, 2015
14x68 Death, Drugs and also LiesDr. Phil must recognize whether a young mrs is addicted come anti-anxiety medication, or whether her household is overreacting. Dec. 17, 2015
14x69 61-Year-Old Polygamous pastor Marries 19-Year-Old Pregnant Girlfriend v His Wife's BlessingBelinda, 44, claims bringing a ``sister wife"" right into her marriage is a ``beautiful thing""; she husband says the backlash to their lifestyle from the community and social media has actually been ... Dec. 18, 2015
14x70 I desire a Divorce however My Obsessive and Controlling Husband Won't permit Me GoWhen Alyssa pipeline her controlling husband, her mother fears the is desperate and capable the anything; Rachael beam (``Everyone Is Italian ~ above Sunday"") help a couple. Jan. 04, 2016
14x71 We believe Our mommy Blames us for our Sister's Death!Debbie"s son and also daughter say their mother refuses to relocate past the tragedy of your 16-year-old sister"s death, and the family members is falling apart; man Stamos (``Grandfathered""). Jan. 05, 2016
14x72 Exclusive: lacking 15-Year-Old Girl uncovered Alive After allegedly Being held Hostage! Is There much more to the Story?A 15-year-old speak what occurred when she go missing. Jan. 06, 2016
14x73 The parents of absent 15-Year-Old uncovered Alive reaction to her ClaimsA woman and also her fiance react to revelations from her 15-year-old daughter about what occurred when the girl disappeared. Jan. 07, 2016
14x74 encountering Jail Time because Step-Daughter Is a LiarRuth and also her husband say she 20-year-old daughter"s lies are ruining their lives and also have landed them both behind bars; the young woman admits she lies however says she walk not know w ...

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Jan. 08, 2016
14x75 Protective mom or Jilted Lover? Angela claims her ex-boyfriend has ties to a boy pornography scandal and also has physically and sexually abused their 2-year-old, for this reason she wants his parental legal rights revoked; that denies her ... Jan. 11, 2016