Duvall left Hollywood and also disappeared turn off the map for countless years, until an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw in 2016 thrust her earlier into the spotlight.

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There was a time as soon as everyone knew Shelley Duvall"s distinctive look.

Director Robert Altman told she she to be "born to play" Olive Oyl in 1980s "Popeye." and she to be spot-on as Jack Nicholson"s terrified wife Wendy in "The Shining" native that very same year.

But climate Duvall vanished, vacating Hollywood because that her house state of Texas in the mid-1990s. And except for a traumatizing visit indigenous the "Dr. Phil" display in 2016, pan haven"t heard much from she lately.

That all adjusted Thursday, when The Hollywood Reporter released a new, considerable interview through the reclusive, private former actor, currently 71. And also one that the an initial things they dove right into was exactly what taken place with Dr. Phil McGraw, as soon as his show pertained to check up on her.

Shelley Duvall in 1971.Bert Stern / Conde Nast via Getty Images

"I discovered out the kind of human being he is the difficult way," Duvall claimed in the interview. "My mommy didn"t choose him, either. A many people, like Dan (Gilroy, her partner), said, "You shouldn"t have actually done that, Shelley." "

What taken place in 2016 was this: McGraw and also his crew arrived in town and filmed an interview THR characterized as "disturbing." during it, the short article said, she "babbled free-associative nonsense and also disclosed paranoid fantasies."

Lee Unkrich, that directed movies like "Toy Story 3" and "Coco," was watching that day and had been searching for Duvall for numerous years, and also ultimately search her out to make certain she was every right. "Unfortunately, top top "Dr. Phil," the civilization saw what it"s choose to have actually untreated psychological illness," he told THR.

Vivian Kubrick, daughter of director Stanley Kubrick (who directed "The Shining") tweeted at the moment that the footage to be "lurid" and "shameful."

Robin Williams and also Duvall in "Popeye."PA images via Getty Images

(A "Dr. Phil" spokesperson stated they want to "document the struggle and also bring amazing resources to change her trajectory," however "she declined our initial market for inpatient treatment.")

The article doesn"t obtain into her existing mental condition, though it note she had actually shifting moods through a memory the was "sharp" and also full that "engrossing" stories.

And she plainly has countless of them. Having functioned with legendary director Altman on 6 films, Duvall additionally had a memorable illustration in 1977"s "Annie Hall" and dated musician Paul Simon. She saw parties with future stars everywhere the place, consisting of a carpenter who"d just developed a waterfall for a studio executive"s home. That carpenter turned out to be Harrison Ford.

"The Shining" was most likely her most daunting role, however. Director Kubrick believed she to be "great in ~ crying," as Duvall recalled, however the film"s shoot take it 56 weeks. Kubrick shot six days a week, periodically for 16 hours a day, and Duvall had to live in a state of continuous anxiety and also terror simply to continue to be in character.

Jack Nicholson and Duvall in "The Shining."Universal Images group via Getty Images

"(Kubrick) doesn"t publish anything till at the very least the 35th take," she said. "After a while, your body rebels. That says: "Stop law this come me. I don"t want to cry every day." and also sometimes just that thought alone would certainly make me cry. To wake up ~ above a Monday morning, so early, and realize that you had actually to cry every day because it was scheduled — ns would just start crying. I"d be like, "Oh no, ns can"t, ns can"t." and yet ns did it. Ns don"t know just how I go it. Jack stated that come me, too. That said, "I don"t know just how you perform it." "

One scene, in i m sorry Duvall"s character has to swing a bat at Nicholson"s character, took "three weeks" to shoot, she recalled, and also cried when recalling it. "It was really hard," she said. "Jack to be so an excellent — so damn scary. I can only imagine how countless women go v this sort of thing."

Duvall v Jeff Bridges in "Faerie tale Theater" in 1983.YouTube

That said, she had actually nothing but kind words for late manager Kubrick: "He was an extremely warm and also friendly to me," she said.

Actor Anjelica Huston, then dating Nicholson and living through him during the shoot, said that "Shelley was having a had time just managing the emotional content of the item ... And also they didn"t it seems to be ~ to it is in all that sympathetic ... She took it on. She was, ns think, extremely brave."

For a time, Duvall was going from toughness to strength; indigenous 1982-87 she produced and appeared in the forward-thinking, star-studded "Faerie tale Theater" and also continued come perform. Then, after shoot "The Underneath" through Steven Soderbergh in 1994 in Austin, she decided not to go earlier to Hollywood. She stayed in Texas, otherwise turn off the celebrity map, until uncovered again by Dr. Phil"s producers.

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Now, she seems to have a tiny group that friends and also admirers (like Unkrich) who carry out a support system. Fans attended a 70th date of birth party in 2019 at Red Lobster, her favorite restaurant. And she might, perhaps, be up because that revisiting few of her harder Hollywood moment in the future.