House that Addicts: The household Confronts Shayne

Shayne is all set to challenge her family around her medicine addiction, and to confront her sister, Shelby, because she feeling she is responsible for their sister’s death. Shelby says her relationship with Shayne is non-existent because Shayne put all the reprimand on her when their sister died. The sisters" parents, Mary and also Michael, to speak they expect Shelby and Shayne can work v their issues, and that Shayne lastly realizes she has actually a major drug addiction and also needs help. Find episode on:

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Dr. Phil / S18E97 : residence of Addicts: The family members Confronts Shayne Season 18, illustration 97 | Aired on February 4, 2020 | TV-PG | 45 min. | Syndication

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