A couple of weeks ago, former Here come Honey Boo Boo star "Mama June" Shannon spoke solely with Dr. Phil and denied rekindling a romance with note McDaniel — the guy convicted the molesting she 20-year-old daughter, Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell, as soon as Anna to be 8. Now, Anna join Dr. Phil alongside her grandmother, Sandra, to tell her side that the story. What does she say taken place to her as a child? And, why go she case her mother knew around the sexual abuse once it developed but chose not to think her? Anna also accuses Mama June the draining her $30,000 to trust fund, leaving her virtually penniless — one allegation she mother completely denies. Is there any kind of chance at repairing her connection with she mother? Plus, "Uncle Poodle" returns and reunites v Anna because that the very first time in almost a year. This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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Chickadee’s next of the Story

Anna insurance claims her mom lied to Dr. Phil in her recent interview when she said she didn’t know about Anna’s sexual abuse until 2 years ago. “She found out 2 to three weeks after that happened,” Anna says, introduce to as soon as she told she teacher about the abuse, which led to McDaniel"s arrest. “Two weeks after ~ went to jail, my mother dubbed — cussing, increasing hell and saying, ‘Why go you carry out this come me? You recognize I love him,’ and ‘He never did anything come you at all.’”

Anna explains the abuse she suffered at the hands of McDaniel and also why she states she was as well scared at an initial to tell she family.

Mama June’s Mother

Mama June’s mother, Sandra, states her daughter’s recent appearance on Dr. Phil to be “nothing however a big, fat lie.” She says, “The just thing I might say to her, if she was sitting right here right now: whereby is your head? perform you really care about any of her children? and also if so, why would certainly you lug a sex molester about them, understanding what happened to your oldest daughter?”Sandra and also Anna join Dr. Phil onstage.


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Tune in to watch what happens when Uncle Poodle return — why hasn"t he viewed Anna in nearly a year?