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In a rare interview, “The Shining” actress Shelley Duvall is speaking the end on she appearance ~ above an illustration of “Dr. Phil”.

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The reclusive actress was featured ~ above a 2016 episode v Phil McGraw that was commonly condemned for exploiting Duvall’s untreated psychological illness. The troubling appearance stayed her last interview until The Hollywood Reporter tracked her down for a an extensive profile v the function of enabling the 71-year-old actress to not have “Dr. Phil” it is in “the final word on she legacy.”

In a socially distanced interview near her Texas home, THR note the actress ended up being “visibly distressed in ~ the mention of McGraw’s name” when discussing just how one of the show’s producers contacted her in 2016. She consented come the interview without mentioning it through her partner Dan Gilroy or mother.

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“I found out the type of human he is the tough way,” she says. “My mommy didn’t choose him, either. A the majority of people, favor Dan, said, ‘You shouldn’t have actually done that, Shelley."”

As part of an episode on psychological illness, Duvall’s interview was disturbing as she rambled around the Bermuda Triangle, hornets attacking her spinal cord, and that her late “Popeye” co-star Robin Williams to be alive together a “shape-shifter.” McGraw and the present were met with prompt outrage end exploiting Duvall, that reveals he made recurring attempts to call her after the illustration aired.

“He began calling my mother. She told him, ‘Don’t call my daughter anymore.’ however he began calling my mother all the time trying to obtain her come let me talk to the again,” Duvall explains.

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Eric Ryan Anderson/THR

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A spokesperson for the “Dr. Phil” display responded to THR by saying their “goal was to file the struggle and bring remarkable resources to change her trajectory” and also that Duvall “declined ours initial market for inpatient treatment that would have contained full physical and mental evaluations, giving her a possibility to privately regulate her challenges.”

The episode reflects McGraw trying come get help for Duvall yet she refused.

“After many months of followup, in collaboration with her mother, she eventually refused assistance,” the show’s declare reads, including that the uses of help “remain open today.”