DANIELLE Bregoli is perhaps much better known through her stage name that 'Bhad Bhabie', routinely entering the charts with her rap song - but where did it all begin?

danielle Bregoli is a rapper who concerned fame on Dr PhilCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

Who is danielle Bregoli?

Danielle Bregoli is a rapper, musician and also internet celebrity.

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Bregoli, from Florida, first rose come fame after an illustration on Dr Phil, in i m sorry she admitted to abusing and taunting her mother regularly.

Her appearance on the present was design to help curb her behavioral issues.

She was brought up by her mum Barbara Ann and is estranged from she father, Ira Peskowitz.

In 2018 he report receiving fatality threats versus his 2 young sons, to add abusive message on social media native his daughter's fans.

daniel Bregoli came to be famous for she Cash Me Ousside phraseCredit: Youtube

How did daniel Bregoli end up being famous?

Young teenager Danielle Bregoli appeared on the Dr Phil present in September 2016, in an illustration that dealt with parents and their unruly teens.

Danielle's despairing mum Barbara Ann revealed that she was pulling her hair out over her child - who would run away 4 times in one day, and steal her credit transaction cards.

While her life to be laid ceiling on camera, Danielle came to be annoyed at the audience members that were laughing in ~ her.

Turning to threats, danielle asked the audience: "Catch me outside, how about that?"

But, since of her accent, it sounded a lot more like: "Cash me ousside, how bow dah?"

This has come to be her signature catchphrase - and also a image which has actually gone almost everywhere the internet.

She then recorded a brand-new single and also released a music video clip where she appeared to mock Kylie Jenner.

In September 2018, the newbie singer's fans accused Eminem of copying her song Hi Bich in terms of flow.

Meanwhile, Eminem's pan insisted that the similarity in between his song Not Alike and also Danielle's hello Bich is because of satire, as the song mocks multiple artists including her.

She's end up being something of a celebrity, through Danielle reportedly charging £32,000 ($44m) because that a public appearance in ~ Rolling according to Music Festival in 2017.

What is Bhad Bhabie?

Bhad Bhabie is Danielle's alter-ego for her growing pop-career.

She has had actually three songs on the hot 100 Billboard.

She released her an initial single this Heaux in September 2017 and also became the youngest person ever before to struggle the Billboard 100 charts.

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She supposedly signed to height record brand Atlantic documents after impressing v her very first single.