"The Dr. Phil Show" has actually been a pan favorite ever since its debut earlier in 2002. When viewers have been able to witness several of the best groundbreaking moment on the show, over there is one that will certainly forever stand out as one of the best. Earlier in September the 2016, danielle Bregoli, also known as the "catch me outside girl" and professionally as Bhad Bhabie.

The then 13-year-old and also her mother, Barbara Ann, showed up on the show covering a segment around parents and their unruly teens. If Dr. Phil make the efforts his best to tackle the situation, the episode turned into a famous sensation after ~ Bregoli"s catchphrase, "catch me outside, just how "bout that?" go out up in all the finest ways. The rapper has due to the fact that pursued a job in music and also has become quite successful. Let"s find out what Dr. Phil has to say around all this!

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capture Me Outside, How about That?

In September 2016, "The Dr. Phil Show" would forever it is in remembered because that one episode and also one illustration only! danielle Bregoli, a troubled teen, and also her mother, Barbara Ann, appeared on the show in bespeak to obtain counseling from Dr. Phil, himself. It was clear the 13-year-old daniel exuded problem behavior and also her mother just didn"t know what come do any longer. From stealing her credit cards all the means to running away from house up come 4 times a day, danielle was quite the handful.

during her interview, danielle was heckled by an audience member, inciting laughter transparent the studio audience. It was at this moment that Bregoli readily available to hit the audience outside, for this reason her above catchphrase: "catch me outside, how "bout that". While Dr. Phil didn"t necessarily recognize what she meant at that moment, her mother cleared points up, further pointing out her daughter"s struggle with anger. Back this minute was meant to assist their family, it only led to Danielle to end up being a viral global sensation.

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daniel Bregoli go out up after she interview and she was really all anyone can talk around at the time. While plenty of would discover this to be quite embarrassing or eye-opening, daniel seized the possibility to transform herself right into the next large rapper, and also that she did! Bregoli sought a rap career and called herself, Bhad Bhabie. The star catapulted come nationwide fame and success come the point where she has actually amassed a network worth the $4 million. 

Dr. Phil himself insurance claims his interview through Bhab Bhabie together his "moment of infamy", the made the clear that he has not talked to her, no one does that take credit transaction for she career taking off. The talk present host was definitely shocked to check out her turn their moment right into a career, however, in today"s day and also age, that appears to be a possibility with just about any viral sensation.


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