"I'd quite die warm than live ugly," is the heat that carried Instagram influencer Ava Louise to her viral fame. After appearing on Dr. Phil to talk about how society media was destroying her life, she became known for her controversial opinions 

But while it showed up she walk on the display to gain "advice" on how to sort out she life, she actually only made the appearance through the will to walk viral. Ava sat under to talk v gendergeek.org about her time on the show, and also why she shouldn't be shamed because that chasing clout.

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While it's common knowledge that most of the guests room fed present on Dr. Phil, Ava admitted that her episode was purposefully edited to make her look at bad, yet she meant every little thing she said. She intended come portray this dramatic "caricature" of internet culture while top top the show, yet that doesn't typical that it's not rooted in she personality.

"I to speak I have actually a caricature and also all that, yet I'm quite authentic with it. It's a part of me," the 22-year-old said gendergeek.org exclusively. "I come up with everything I to speak that's unable to do viral."


Ava's decision to use for the show came after she had actually reached 36,000 followers on Instagram, and also she was searching for an chance to profit from it. 

"I took inspiration from people like Tana Mongeau, from Trisha Paytas, native Paris Hilton, indigenous Kim Kardashian," she said. "I go on Dr. Phil, knowing I was probably going to go viral since every joke i made and everything I stated I traction from web culture... In stimulate to get attention because that it."

And the worked. Her first appearance ~ above the display has racked up over 4.5 million views on Dr. Phil's YouTube page alone, and her Instagram following has grown come 141,000.

After her very first appearance top top the present in Feb. 2019, Ava checked out L.A. For another taping in September, where she was given a retribution storyline. Yet Ava states that she didn't desire it — because she didn't really clean she act up between episodes.

" wanted me to come on and also say this human wasn't me and that I just wanted attention, but it is me because I did the — it's a huge part of that I am," she said. "I didn't recognize I to be going to it is in typecast to it is in transformed. Ns was hungover on the show... I woke up still drunk... I'm not . I'm a messy b---h but I f--king love gift a messy b---h."

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Out of every little thing she's done for net fame, Ava admits that, due to the fact that of the false retribution story Dr. Phil gave she (which only brought in simply under 600,000 views), that 2nd episode was she "biggest regret."

While Ava isn't the first to to speak it, she won't hesitate when she speak you, "You sell your spirit for this lifestyle... You have to be ready to make that address the devil, and also I am, and also it takes a certain kind of human being to carry out it."

But she doesn't recognize why she's being shamed for doing what more-established influencers already profit off of.


" do their career turn off clout chasing. They do their career off scandal. When there's a problem in your lives, they placed it on the internet since they know people will eat that up. And also why can't I?" she asked. "All that a sudden I'm the clout chaser since I have actually 140,000 followers. But if I had actually 2 million, would certainly I it is in a clout chaser, or would certainly I just be one more influencer who acquired herself in part drama?"

Of course, she qualities her Dr. Phil appearance in assisting the launch of her career, however she doesn't think that it should define her.

"Dr. Phil doesn't specify me as a person; it's a TV show I walk on to go viral," she said, noting the going viral is what create a the majority of other influencers' careers. "The ones who go viral are an ext famous than the world who room actually talented... My talent is having no talent. My talent is just getting people's attention."

But at what cost? Ava will certainly tell you the she's ready to pay whatever the price is for net fame — because it's what she's always wanted.

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"I'll take it the bullying ~ above the internet, no issue what the does come me, because I desire it. I want this lifestyle, I've dreamy of it due to the fact that I to be a tiny girl," she said. "Britney Spears had a breakdown. Amanda Bynes had a breakdown. A lot of of world had breakdowns, but that's iconic together f--k. I'm ready to go down that path and have that breakdown — despite I'm not going to cut my head due to the fact that my hair is pretty."

Because at the end of the day, Ava still wants to be an influencer and also thinks she's got what the takes to do it.

"I'm very an excellent at being the poor guy. So i feel favor it's the worst parts of myself I manipulate on the web for views," she said. "But that doesn't make me a poor person; I'm just chasing the bag."

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