Gabby is a notorious and irrepressible adoption scammer who looks for out adoptive families and tricks them into believing the she is place her baby for adoption. In reality she is no pregnant in ~ all. Gabby is what is known as an emotional fostering scammer. She does not represent a physical threat. She does no deceive because that financial gain. Fairly Gabby preys top top the emotions of delicate adoptive parents. She goal is to earn a family"s trust and also confidence so the she can promise them a baby and string them follow me (usually with several drama) with message after text, speak to after call, draining their emotions and also energy, farming spiteful and angry if questioned, until she eventually disappears, leaving the household heartbroken and demoralized. If not completely prepared, Gabby will certainly take well-intentioned adoptive parental on a long and tumultuous journey, leaving them confused and also questioning the really purpose of their fostering search.

Who is Gabby, the fostering imposter?

Gabby is a twenty-something, mentally disturbed individual who resides with her father in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Health problems prevent her from having actually a boy of she own and also this has actually led her to carry a vendetta versus the fostering community. She preys ~ above the sense of hope and also optimism that all adoptive parental share and also she supplies these feelings together a method into their hearts and minds. Unlike most other adoption scammers, Gabby shows up to be totally addicted to these patterns of behavior. She cannot and will not ever stop do the efforts to deceive families. Sadly, this shows up to be her life"s work and also purpose.

Is Gabby evil?

Many adoptive parents who have been deceived and hurt by Gabby believe that she is ruthless and also even evil. The fact is Gabby is a human being being through a an excellent number that deep-rooted emotional and also health problems. She deserves ours compassion and also pity. Even so, end the last several years, she has actually done devastating things to hundreds, if not thousands, of fragile people.

Breaking the Gabby cycle

In stimulate to prevent being victimized by Gabby, there are a couple of simple rules to follow. First, that is never ever a wise idea to thoughtlessly trust a finish stranger you satisfy online. Avoid obtaining too emotionally involved with any person you meet. To trust should constantly be earned over time and also proven through experience. With every adoption connection friend make, proceed cautiously, look for red flags, and also trust her instincts; they don"t frequently fail you.

If girlfriend are brand-new to fostering or fostering advertising in general, get to understand all around Gabby (and scammers in general) as quickly as possible. Use the links below to study her voice, mannerisms, and also methods. You have the advantage of learning from literally hundreds of various other families. Take advantage of that. Learning her game and also what come expect as soon as she contacts you is the best way to safeguard yourself.

What come expect as soon as you hear indigenous Gabby

Gabby is fairly eloquent and also able to build entirely brand-new identities and personas seemingly in ~ will. She goes by numerous aliases and also is constantly coming up with new ones. Examine a trusted scam conversation group to keep up with them. Several of her recent names include: Kyndra, Emily, Kendyl, Kali, and also Kayla. The surname don"t yes, really matter. There will certainly be many an ext identities and false story to come. Yet the result is always the same.

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Once she has actually your attention, Gabby may come to be quite needy. Regularly she will not prevent calling, text massage or emailing. This can go on for days or longer, depending on your reaction. You will slowly find yourself gift pulled out of her comfort zone, pressured and also stressed rather of excited and also hopeful. She may likewise become very nasty if you start to inquiry her authenticity.

Gabby frequently steals picture from chaste pregnant ladies on social media and also sends these photos to families.

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Here are a couple of of Gabby"s actual opening lines the we have actually seen recently. Take keep in mind of the range of locations and characters:

"Hi... I’m kinda embarrassed i can’t parent. However I’m Emily from whatcom county in Washington. I am early out in July. I’m not sure how to rest the ice but are friend still looking in ~ gendergeek.org?"

"I"m kourtney native Siouxland Iowa. Ns am due in June, v twin girls. I"m 24 year old. In college acquiring my master for behavior Management. The dad and I space spilt up, yet we are on speak terms and also we room both on board v adoption. Would you embrace twins?"

"Hi, i’m Kaly indigenous El Paso Texas. Ns 27 year old. Spanned in tattoos, have actually gauged ears I’m expecting a tiny boy April second. Are you still looking to adopt?"

Useful Gabby links

Dr. Phil present appearance:

Gabby in the media:

What to perform if Gabby is contacting you

There are countless ways to conveniently identify Gabby. Watching she videos and also utilizing adoption scam boards will certainly help. When you realize who she is, block her emails and phone call immediately. It isn"t worth her time or power to engage her or come teach her a lesson. Dr Phil was no able to and you won"t have the ability to either. Conserve your energy, take it the high road, and also move top top as quickly as friend can. Your faith and also optimism in your adoption journey is much an ext important than settling a score.

How to stop Gabby

Many irritable adoptive parents will certainly wonder: why don"t her actions constitute a crime? Why can"t her father revoke she internet access or take far her digital devices? These room legitimate inquiries to ponder. However in the while Gabby will go on make the efforts to deceive families. She reflects no signs of slowing under - ever. Yet she can absolutely be stopped. If every adoptive parental knows about her, she will shed her capacity to acquire trust and also deceive. Defend yourself with knowledge and due diligence and also make sure to spread out the word come every single adoptive parent you know.