I'M Dr Brent Lou Teton County, Wyoming corner After a thorough investigation by our forensic pathologists or anthropologist and also local law enforcement with aid from the FBI, the Teton ar coroner's office is adhering to the following verdict in the path of death of Gabrielle, Nora Petito. We discover the cause and manner to it is in caused. Fatality by strangulation and also manner is homicide. Mhm. By Wyoming state statute just the cause and also manner of fatality are released. Their autopsy findings and photographs and also that type of material is not released through state statute.

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Gabby Petito"s reason of death was rule to it is in strangulation and also the way of death was homicide, Teton ar Coroner Dr. Brent Blue said on Tuesday.He claimed that the time of Petito"s death was approximated to be around three to 4 weeks before her human body was discovered on Sept. 19 in Bridger-Teton National forest in Wyoming. Blue provided few other details around her autopsy, though, speak he was limited in what details he could legally release.Blue had actually previously rule the manner of her death a homicide in his preliminary findings, yet the cause of fatality had to be pending further autopsy results, follow to the FBI.Blue announced the result at a news conference around a month ~ Petito, 22, to be reported missing in the wake up of a road pilgrimage with she 23-year-old fiancé Brian Laundrie. Petito had actually spent the summer traveling the west U.S. Through Laundrie and also documented your adventures on society media. Yet Laundrie went back to the Florida residence they mutual with his parental on Sept. 1 there is no Petito, and also her family was can not to call her.She was first reported missing by she parents on Sept. 11, and also after comprehensive search, her stays were found on Sept. 19.Petito"s body was discovered a 5-to-10 minute to walk from whereby her van was last checked out in Wyoming, her mother Nichole Schmidt and also stepfather Jim Schmidt claimed in an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil McGraw critical week.Amid the find for she whereabouts, Laundrie disappeared and also has not been since for weeks. His parents have actually told authorities they think he went for a hike in a nature reserve close to their home in phibìc Port, Florida, and also did not return.Laundrie has not been charged in the death of Petito, yet he to be indicted on fees of using two financial accounts the did no belong come him in the days complying with her death.Her case has elicited heartbreak, outrage and also intrigue in lot of the public, yet it has also highlighted the tens of thousands of lacking persons" story that carry out not garner such extreme interest. Over there were practically 90,000 active lacking person situations as of the finish of 2020, according to the nationwide Crime information Center. Few missing person cases are met through as much urgency and national fist as Petito"s.What we know about Petito"s last daysFrom the posts on social media, Petito"s last days looked idyllic. Yet after she was reported missing, accounts surfaced of climbing conflict in between the couple.Petito dubbed her mommy regularly, and also those conversations appeared to disclose there to be "more and more tension" in Petito"s relationship, according to a police affidavit because that a search warrant of an external hard drive uncovered in the couple"s van.On Aug. 27, one "odd text" native Petito concerned her mother that something to be wrong, according to a find warrant."Can you help Stan, I just keep getting his voicemails and also missed calls," the blog post read, according to the affidavit. Stan was a referral to Petito"s grandfather, that her mom said Petito never ever referred to the way, follow to the affidavit.Along their travels, the couple was stopped by police after a 911 caller said dispatchers Aug. 12 he saw a man hitting a woman, according to audio listed by the cool County Sheriff"s Office in Moab, Utah."We drive by and also the gentleman was slapping the girl," the caller said. "Then us stopped. Lock ran up and also down the sidewalk. He proceeded come hit her, hopped in the car and they drove off."CNN obtained dispatch audio recordings from the grand County Sheriff"s office critical month the shed an ext light on what Moab police to be told around "some kind of altercation."And top top Aug. 27, a witness defined a "commotion" together they to be leaving the merry Piglets Tex-Mex restaurant in Jackson, Wyoming.Petito was in tears and also Laundrie to be visibly angry, walking into and out the the restaurant numerous times, showing anger toward the staff roughly the hostess stand, the witness Nina Angelo said. The couple"s waitress was also visibly shaken through the incident, said Angelo, who told CNN she did not see any violence or physics altercation in between Petito and also Laundrie.A manager at funny Piglets, who decreased to offer her name, did view "an incident" at the restaurant and called the FBI, she said CNN. The manager decreased to explain what happened and said the restaurant did not have surveillance video of the incident.The find for LaundrieBefore that disappeared, police in North harbor were surveilling Laundrie as finest they legitimate could, a police spokesperson said CNN.Investigators said Laundrie"s parents told them on Sept. 17 that he had actually left house days earlier and was top to the nearby Carlton make reservation -- sparking a search of the nature reserve"s 25,000 acres. Initially, his parents claimed he left on Sept. 14, but last week, Laundrie family members attorney Steven Bertolino said, "We now think the work Brian left to hike in the maintain was Monday, Sept. 13."When he left, that didn"t take it his cell phone and also wallet with him, and also his parents were came to he might hurt himself, a source close to Laundrie"s family members told CNN.At the time, Laundrie was not wanted in connection with a crime, however North harbor Police spokesperson mock Taylor stated Laundrie had an "enormous quantity of pressure" on the to carry out answers in Petito"s disappearance.The FBI searched the Laundrie house on Sept. 20, remove a number of items and also towing far a Ford Mustang convertible.Attention climate turned towards the Carlton nature preserve, wherein authorities combed v swampland filled v snakes and alligators, using drones, dive teams and also bloodhounds.After much more than a week of trying to find Laundrie, the FBI went earlier to his parents, questioning for personal items of his to assist with DNA matching. They provided what lock could, Bertolino, the Laundries" lawyer, told multiple news outlets.Laundrie"s father has participated in a search of the nature reserve because that him, however he has actually no plans to aid in police searches and the couple will not take a polygraph test, Bertolino said.