At just 11 years old, Hope came to be pregnant with her climate 13-year-old boyfriend, Bailey’s, son — Ashlynn, now 7 months old. Dr. Phil talks to the children’s parents: exactly how did this happen? Plus, hear native Hope and also Bailey. Carry out they want custody of Ashlynn, that is right now being cared because that by Hope"s aunt? What is their relationship currently — and are they at risk for having an additional baby? Then, Dr. Phil weighs in. What advice does he have for the households moving forward? This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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The Pregnancy

Hope’s mother, Lisa, claims that she to be shocked to uncover out top top Christmas eve of last year the her daughter was pregnant -- as soon as Hope was already six month along.She recalls that, together Hope was getting up turn off the couch, she noticed that her stomach was protruding out. "Hope had never also gotten her period," Lisa says. She insists the she had no idea that Hope and her boyfriend, Bailey, were having sex.

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But Hope’s father, Matt, his fianceé, Kayla, and also Bailey’s parents every say that Lisa is mainly to blame for Hope"s decisions, and claim the she continued to enable her daughter by concealing her pregnant for months. Bailey"s mother, Sharon, defines that Lisa sent out Sharon"s husband, Rod, a text message in October saying that Hope was pregnant. But, the next day, Sharon states that Lisa sent out a second message informing them it was a false alarm.Lisa denies ever before sending those text messages come Rod.


Hope provided birth come Ashlynn 11 weeks early — two months awkward of her 12th birthday — and also the infant weighed just 2 pounds, 11 ounces. Lisa describes that she had actually to speak to 911 the night expect delivered since she started hemorrhaging. She claims that Hope had actually an emergency C-section within 25 minutes of showing up at the hospital. "I opted no to be in the room because I didn"t want to view my daughter going through that," she recalls.Kayla adds, "The mood in ~ the hospital was very sad and also gloomy because Hope virtually died, and also no one was really sure if Ashlynn was going to do it."

Dr. Jennifer Berman weighs in. Did hope receive proper prenatal care? and also what are the health threats for a premature birth baby?

Fighting end Custody

Ashlynn is right now being cared for by one of Hope"s aunts, however Bailey"s parents say castle would favor to have actually custody of your grandchild. "Lisa"s household has all the rights, and also Rod and I have the right to only check out Ashlynn for 5 or 10 minutes here and also there," Sharon explains. "We feel choose we"re being treated together criminals because that a mistake that my son made," she adds. Lisa confesses that she doesn"t think she can handle taking care of Ashlynn and parenting Hope. But, she says that she desires her sister to continue to advanced the baby. "She can provide a mom and also a dad and a stable residence for Ashlynn, and I would like to check out that," Lisa insists.Dr. Phil also asks the parents about a rumor that Hope wants to have one more baby. Lisa responds that she"s shocked come hear the after every little thing her daughter has been with — yet admits the Hope is "out of manage with everything." She insurance claims that hope has issues with anger and also will lash out verbally and also physically if she doesn"t get her way. "That"s just the means she"s doing things," Lisa says.

"You have actually no capacity to store her from acquiring pregnant again?" Plus, who"s going to pay to raise baby Ashlynn?

Hope and Bailey Speak

Hope reveals that she had actually been dating Bailey for about a year before they slept with each other for the first time. "I did no think i was old sufficient to have a baby," she insists. Hope defines that she it s okay to view Ashlynn around twice a week, but says the she would like to have her daughter full time."Being a dad feels good," Bailey confides. He explains that the kids at school speak to him "baby daddy." "Sometimes it"s funny, yet then over there are people who are mean around it," the says.

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Moving Forward

Dr. Phil points the end that the parents have actually spent a the majority of time criticizing and blaming every other, quite than focusing on their children and grandchild. "Not one of you has asked me one cursed thing about what you have the right to do to help them cope with what they"re into now, what would be in the best interest the the infant — or what you can do to prevent a repeat the this," that says."It"s chaos in these homes," Dr. Phil insists. "You didn"t understand that your youngsters were gaining together and having sex in ~ this young age.""I speak to Bailey, and he seems to be pretty to adjust back about the entirety thing," Dr. Phil claims to Sharon and also Rod. "I don"t know what dialog y"all had with him, yet I don"t think any of it has registered."Sharon and Rod explain that they believe Bailey has a learning disability, but they have never been able to get him effectively diagnosed. Dr. Phil uses to make arrangements because that Bailey to it is in evaluated, and also the parents accept.With regards come Hope, Dr. Phil tells Lisa and Matt that he to trust she requirements to gain some aid and assistance — away from her present situation. He provides to send hope to the facility for Discovery, which gives residential therapy programs for adolescents and teens taking care of a selection of issues. "It will certainly be your project to stand shoulder to shoulder, stop your bickering and let her know that that is non-optional to walk to this program," he tells the parents. He adds, "While she"s going, y"all have some severe soul-searching come do." Lisa and Matt accept the sell of help.