AP/Dr. Pepper Snapple GroupA video frame quiet of the new Dr. Pepper TEN, listed by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group

A new, lower calorie Dr. Pepper soft drink hit the industry Monday, and the new drink's entire marketing project is designed to do it a much more masculine choice. The does so, in part, through proclaiming proud "it's no for women."

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, which own the brand, claims its research found men shy far from diet drinks due to the fact that they room not "manly" enough.

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The firm says that is research also found males were not satisfied v the taste and image of diet drinks. The firm won't reveal the formula, but says Dr Pepper Ten has some sugar, around ten calories and also two grams of street to provide it a sweeter taste. The consistent Dr Pepper has actually 27 grams of sugar and also 150 calories.

Dave Fleming, director of marketing for Dr. Pepper, claimed in a news release detailed to Marketwatch, "Men told us that they want a low-calorie choice with the full flavor of constant Dr Pepper -- and also that's precisely what we're delivering through Dr Pepper TEN. I'd say these are the 10 hardest-working calorie in the beverage business."

The idea that marketing a low calorie or diet soda to guys isn't new. Pepsi Max and Coke Zero have done for this reason previously, yet neither was together aggressive or evident in telling customers this product is for men.

The macho marketing setup includes a woman packaging because that the cans and also bottles, and also a collection of TV ads telling women they're no welcome. Here's what the associated Press says one TV clues contains: "Hey ladies. Enjoying the film? Of food not. Since this is our movie and also this is our soda," a male says as he make the efforts to pour the soda right into a glass during a bumpy ATV ride. "You have the right to keep the romantic comedies and also lady drinks. We're good."

The marketing campaign includes a Facebook application that allows users to exclude women, and includes videos and also games to aid you be more "manly." There's also a game that allows you shoot things favor lipstick and high heels.

Facebook customers were rapid to react, posting their thought's on Dr Pepper Ten's facebook page.

Milo Koi wrote,"Seriously dislike your recent ad. Ns won't be buying your soda till you apologize for it."

Jae Evgenia Hoyt posted, "Dr. Pepper: incorporating misogyny into your advertisements is a negative move. Method to walk! You have actually just alienated a substantial amount of your customers."

Others reacted differently: Lia Simcox posted, "Apparently some women have forgotten the advertising for mystery deodorant..."

And Danny Pelletier said, "Getting a 12-Pack that Dr. P-10 as shortly as i can! What various other non-sensitive guys / not quickly offended civilization want to join me?"

The firm says it tested the project in six markets and also women weren't offended and listed 40 percent that those who tried the soda in those markets were women.

"Women obtain the joke," Jim Trebilcock, executive, management vice president of marketing for Dr Pepper called the AP. "'Is this really for guys or yes, really for women?' is a way to begin the conversation that have the right to spread and also get human being engaged in the product."

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