NEW YORK ( — Diet soda is because that chicks.At least that’s the idea behind Dr Pepper Ten, a 10-calorie soft drink Dr Pepper Snapple Group rolled the end on Monday with a macho advertisement campaign the proclaims “It’s not for women.” The soft drink was occurred after the that company research found that guys shy away from diet drinks that aren’t viewed as “manly” enough.

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To appeal come men, Dr Pepper make its Ten drink 180 levels different from Diet Dr Pepper. Ten has actually calories and also sugar unequal its diet counterpart. Instead of the dainty tan bubbles on the diet can, Ten will be sheathe in gun-metal grey packaging with silver bullets. And also while Diet Dr. Pepper’s marketing is women-friendly, the advertisement campaign for Ten goes the end of its method to eschew women.

Dr Pepper Ten Man"Ments Facebook page (Credit: Facebook)

There is additionally a Dr Pepper Ten Man’Ments facebook page and also an App for — you guessed the — men only. 10,570,200 human being like this and the Dr Pepper page. However, rather don’t. There is also a Facebook page “Dr. Pepper Ten/Stop Sexist Soda.”

Testosterone-heavy commercials are also hitting the airwaves. One spot shows muscular males in the tropical battling snakes and also villains while apparently shoot lasers at each other.

Another point out says, “Hey ladies. Enjoying the film? Of food not. Due to the fact that this is our movie and this is ours soda,” a guy says together he make the efforts to to water the soda right into a glass throughout a bumpy ATV ride. “You deserve to keep the romantic comedies and also lady drinks. We’re good.”

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We want to understand what women in new York thought of the campaign so we asked them. Julie, a net professional, said “My very first thought is that there space skinny drink targeted toward women, therefore why not.”

Deb, one office manager and also self-proclaimed “consumer extraordinaire” said, “I think it’s sexist and I suppose then they’re telling me as a woman that i shouldn’t purchase it. I offered to love Dr. Pepper however now not so much.”

Dr Pepper stated men, in particular, are dissatisfied through the taste and also image of diet drinks. The agency wouldn’t disclose the formula the Dr Pepper Ten, however said that the drink has 10 calories and 2 grams that sugar, which provides it a sweeter taste. Dr Pepper claimed there room 23 flavors in its regular soda, (which has actually 150 calories and also 27 grams of sugar per can) and Dr Pepper Ten has allof them.

The company, which decreased to give figures for exactly how much was invested on the campaign, also worked hard to craft a macho message. The firm said ads because that Dr Pepper Ten will certainly air top top all major networks, FX and also ESPN during college football games.

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Jim Trebilcock, executive, management vice chairman of marketing for Dr Pepper, claimed he’s no worried the they’ll it is in offended by the campaign. The drink and marketing to be tested in six different markets throughout the country before being rolled out nationally, and also women weren’t offended, that said. In fact, around 40 percent of world who have actually tried the soda so far are women.

“Women get the joke,” that said. “‘Is this really for men or yes, really for women?’ is a way to begin the conversation that can spread and get civilization engaged in the product.”

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Do friend think the brand-new ad project is attack to women or just an imaginative marketing? Sound turn off below