"Botched" is the must-watch reality display that grows an ext popular v each passing season. Headed up by lovable plastic surgeons, and also real-life best friends, Dr. Terrycloth Dubrow and also Dr. Paul Nassif, "Botched" showcases every kinds of watch unfixable instance studies. Front of Season 7, human being reported featured patients had a plastic surgical procedure addict who desires yet larger lips regardless of the fact his current collection are currently massive, and a man seeking a nose job for what he insurance claims was damages done in utero by his mother"s IUD.

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As Dr. Dubrow quips in ~ one point, "It"s not an extremely often us see things that we"ve never seen," before his partner admits, when confronted with one more horror, "I don"t understand what I"m feather at." The "Botched" bros specialize in instances that various other cosmetic surgeons won"t touch, either due to the fact that they have actually no idea what to carry out or because they believe the patience is too far gone. There are very few cases Dubrow and Nassif revolve down, as their on purpose is to help the many desperate people. Regardless of intentions, sometimes things still go wrong. 


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According to TMZ, in 2016, Dr. Paul Nassif was sued by former patient Eric Klein, who claimed to no longer be able to blink complying with a botched rhinoplasty. Klein approached Nassif in September 2014, complaining of having actually trouble breathing, and also his nose project was completed the following November. According to Klein, his eyelid wouldn"t close correctly afterwards, which that pointed out during his post-op appointment. Allegedly, the concern was dismissed because of swelling that the area. However, end time, the deteriorated. The "Botched" star then referred Klein to a colleague of his, that reasoned the issue occurred as a an outcome of a pre-existing condition, or vault trauma.

The patience alleges the later found "a medial canthal tendon was displaced throughout the surgery when Nassif damaged his sleep bone." Nassif"s colleagues covered up the mishandled surgery to ensure his call wouldn"t it is in damaged, according to Klein. The wrap advises he to be left with "unusual pain" and a "pulling sensation" in his right eye. Klein seek unspecified loss as a result of alleged clinical negligence ~ above Nassif"s part. 

TMZ got to out come Dr. Nassif about the incident and also subsequent lawsuit, however have not received a statement as of yet.