if Dr. Boy name Luther King Jr. Live a great portion of his life in the public eye, plenty of facts that his life room not extensively known. In respect of his birthday and also Black background Month, the adhering to are part interesting and also less publicized facts about the civil rights leader.

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1. Boy name Luther King, Jr.’s birth surname was no “Martin,” yet “Michael.” Dr. King’s dad traveled to Germany and also became motivated by good news reformer young name Luther and also thus readjusted his surname while also changing the surname of his climate 5-year-old-son.

2. Dr. King was a prodigious student. Not only did he skip two grades and start college before formally graduating high school, however Dr. King additionally earned a bachelor’s level at age 19, graduating indigenous Morehouse university in 1948 v a degree in sociology.

3. Though not a singer, Dr. King earned a posthumous Grammy compensation nonetheless. In 1971, Dr. King was awarded Best spoken Word album for “Why ns Oppose the war in Vietnam.”

4. Although world cannot readily uncover photographs of Dr. King smoking, he to be a constant smoker and also even hid the habit indigenous the public and also from his kids so castle wouldn’t take it up smoking. The was thought Dr. King was smoking a cigarette as soon as he was fatally shot.

5. If Dr. King is remembered together an enthralling publicly speaker, he in reality scored poorly in publicly speaking throughout his very first year at seminary. He got a “C” in the class yet earned right “As” through his last year.

6. Dr. King was a “Star Trek” fan. He convinced actress Nichelle Nichols, who played the function of “Uhura” on the show, to proceed working through the series. Nichols was considering leaving, but Dr. King told she she to be breaking limits by play a character that didn’t conform to black stereotypes.

7. Dr. King narrowly escaped one assassination effort on September 20, 1958. On that day, Dr. King was in Harlem signing copies of his brand-new book, “Stride toward Freedom,” when he to be approached by a woman who stabbed him through a letter opener. He barely survived.

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8. Dr. King speech in Memphis in April 1968 may have actually prophesied his death. Speak to an audience in ~ Mason holy place Church, King said, “Like anybody, i would choose to live a lengthy life. Longevity has its place. But I’m no concerned about that now … I’ve viewed the Promised Land. I might not acquire there with you. Yet I want you to understand tonight, the we, together a people, will acquire to the Promised Land.”

9. Dr. King’s birthday is now observed together a nationwide holiday in the unified States. President Ronald Reagan signed the bill in 1983. The just other American to earn this honor is George Washington.