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Engage with Megyn Kelly every weekday throughout her new speak show

‘The Megyn Kelly Show’ will feature the veteran broadcaster’s views on optimal stories, to add listeners’ calls and also Kelly’s interviews v newsmakers.

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The Megyn Kelly Show

The Megyn Kelly show is your house for open, honest, and also provocative conversation through the many interesting and important political, legitimate and cultural figures today. No B.S. No agenda. And no fear.



One of the most well-known talk display hosts in radio history, Dr. Laura Schlessinger offers no-nonsense advice, infused v a strong sense that ethics, accountability, and an individual responsibility.

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The Megyn Kelly present is your house for open, honest, and also provocative conversation v the most interesting and important political, legitimate and cultural figures today. No B.S. No agenda. And also no fear.

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Nancy elegant dives deep right into the day’s most shocking crimes and also asks the hard questions in her new daily show – Crime Stories with Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace had a perfect conviction record during her te as a prosecutor and also used her TV present to find lacking people, fugitives on the run and unseen clues. Now, she will use the strength of her large social media following and the communication of Sirius XM to provide daily bombshells!

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The Ramsey show is about life and how that happens come revolve around money. Real life - the method it yes, really happens every day in America. Our listener are searching for truth, for actual answers, because that hope. Castle respond to challenging love and also appreciate the straight-talk.

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Do you feel stuck in her job? do you dread going to occupational on Monday mornings? perform you want to do job-related that matters? The Ken Coleman present is for you! join the conversation through world-class interviewer Ken Coleman as he delivers handy advice to help you discover the function you to be born to play—and map out a setup to get there. V the years, Ken has actually interviewed leading professionals in business, sports, entertainment and politics. Now, he’s here to aid answer your questions around career, passion, and talent so you can maximize her potential

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Best-selling author and star of radio, TV, stage, and also more, glenn Beck connects with listeners in a entirety new means - motivating with his personal stories, insightful views, and sharp opinions. His fast wit and also engaging personality have actually made the program among the highest rated in America.

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Megyn Kelly is the founder of adversary May care Media, and also currently hosts among the top podcasts in the country, The Megyn Kelly Show. A world-renowned journalist, Kelly rose to prominence reporting on several of the most consequential U.S. And also international news occasions of the past decade. She was a reporter at Fox News from 2004 to 2017, and also has moderated 5 presidential debates, including the first Republican primary controversy in 2015, where she received widespread acclaim for she tough and also direct line of questioning. In 2016, she memoir Settle for More debuted in ~ number one top top the New York Times best Seller List. Indigenous 2017 to 2018, Kelly wasa journalist v NBC News. She has an impressive and varied perform of remarkable interviews, consisting of Russian president Vladimir Putin, Indian prime Minister Narendra Modi, Israeli element Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump, (then-Senator) Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, Michael Phelps, Simone Biles, Brett Favre, Ed Sheeran, Alec Baldwin, and also Morgan Freeman. Awards and accolades encompass Time Magazine’s 100 many influential civilization in the world, Vanity Fair’s brand-new Establishment List, and Hollywood Reporter’s females in Entertainment strength 100. In 2016, she ended up being the 2nd news anchor in background to it is in featured ~ above the cover of Vanity Fair. prior to her job in television, Kelly practiced regulation as a litigator for nine years.

valley Beck is a top American media personality, politics commentator, author, and also co-founder of Blaze Media, a multiplatform news and also entertainment network. Beck acquired his start in radio together a peak 40 DJ.In 2001, after a series of life-changing events, he adjusted course to seek a job in talk radio.Three year later, Premiere Networks introduced his present into national syndication.

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The valley Beck Program is just one of the highest possible rated radio reflects in the country.His success in radio opened the door to methods in tv as well.He hosted a daily display on Fox News (2008–2011), which attracted an audience of around two million human being every night.Beck’s gift for storytelling in addition to his distinct insights on existing affairs has additionally brought him an excellent success together an author. He’s composed thirteen #1 bestselling books.

Nancy grace is an award-winning legitimate commentator, victims’ rights advocate, broadcast journalist, and also New York Times bestselling writer of four books. Elegant headlines Oxygen’s Injustice with Nancy Grace, master the daily radio show and podcast Crime Stories v Nancy Grace airing top top SIRIUS XM’s Triumph (Ch. 111), and also appears consistently on ABC’s 20/20 Nightline and on day-to-day Mail TV. She is additionally the founder and publisher the, a digital platform the investigates break crime news, spreads awareness of missing people, and also shines a irradiate on cold cases. Previously, she was the pressure behind the top-rated legal evaluation show Nancy Grace top top CNN title News (HLN). Grace also executive-produces a Hallmark Movies and Mysteries franchise based on her bestselling novel series Hailey Dean Mysteries.Since she marriage and the birth of she children, elegant says, “I feel even more passionate around fighting for victims.” Grace, she husband, and also her twins reside in Atlanta v their rescue dog and also cat.

Dr. Laura is one of ideal known and most renowned talk display hosts in radio history.She provides no-nonsense advice infused through a strong sense of ethics accountability and personal responsibility.She’s to be doing it efficiently for more than 40 years, reaching millions of listeners weekly.Dr. Laura is a bestselling author of 13 adult books and four children’s books.Her support of children and also family worths is legendary, and also she is, indeed, “her kids’ mom.”She to write a monthly column for the blog NewsMax, has actually a YouTube Channel, and is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, where she interacts everyday with listeners.She has actually raised millions of dollars for veterans and also their family members from sales in her online boutique, and also works with the charitable kids of collapse Patriots Foundation. Dr. Laura holds a phd in physiology indigenous Columbia University’s college of Physicians and Surgeons, and received she post-doctoral certification in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling native the university of southern California. Among her plenty of honors and awards is Dr. Laura’s induction into the national Radio room of Fame. She is likewise the an initial woman ever before to success the national Association the Broadcasters’ reputation Marconi Award because that Network/Syndicated Personality.In addition, Dr. Laura hold multiple trophies for sailboat racing and is a black color Belt in martial arts.

America’s reliable voice top top money and business, Dave Ramsey is a personal money-management professional and an extremely popular nationwide radio personality. His 7 best-selling books—Financial Peace, more Than Enough, The full Money Makeover, EntreLeadership, Dave Ramsey’s finish Guide come Money, The heritage Journey, and also Smart Money smart Kids—have sold an ext than 11 million copies combined.By period 26, Ramsey had developed a $4 million genuine estate portfolio, only to shed it by period 30. Utilizing the wisdom he gained, Ramsey rebuilt his jae won life and also now teaches others exactly how to be responsible through their money, therefore they deserve to acquire sufficient wealth come take care of love ones, retire v dignity, and give generously come others.Ramsey uses that life-changing article as host of a country syndicated radio program, The Dave Ramsey Show, i beg your pardon is heard through 17 million listeners every week. In 2009, he was honored together a nationwide Association that Broadcaster’s Marconi award winner. Ramsey was inducted right into the NAB Broadcasting room of call in 2013 and the national Radio room of call in 2015. Monitor Ramsey ~ above Twitter in ~
DaveRamsey and on the net at

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The Ramsey show
Ken Coleman is the #1 national bestselling writer of The Proximity Principle, the nationally-syndicated radio organize of The Ken Coleman Show, and a Ramsey Personality. Pulling from his own an individual struggles, missed opportunities, and career successes, Coleman helps civilization discover what they to be born come do and provides valuable steps to do their dream project a reality. The Ken Coleman Show is a caller-driven career show that helps people learn, grow, and difficulty themselves in their skilled lives. Affix with Coleman on society media and online at