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InstagramDr. Jessica Griffin, a previous MAFS expert, caused quite the scandal after revealing that she was dating Jon Francetic, a actors member native Season 6 the the show.

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Dr. Jessica Griffin, a previous Married at an initial Sight expert, come under fire in 2018 ~ revealing that she to be dating one of the actors members indigenous Season 6 of the show. Griffin had actually aided pair formerMAFSstar Jon Francetic with fellow Season 6 stranger Molly Duff, return the 2 later dubbed it quits ~ above Decision Day. Several months after their divorce, Griffin and also Francetic go public v their relationship.

The news the Griffin and Francetic were dating stirred quite the scandal in theMAFScommunity, with numerous fans commenting on the ethics, professionalism and also credibility the a therapist date her patient. However, both Francetic and Griffin addressed the rumors and assured fans the they didn’t spark up a partnership until countless months after Francetic and also Duff split.

Duff, Griffin and also Francetic will all it is in featured top top a new Lifetime one-of-a-kind titled Married at first Sight: Where room They Now?, which airs Wednesday, April 29 in ~ 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT. Keep analysis for details ~ above Griffin and Francetic’s relationship:

Francetic protected Their connection on Twitter

The funny component is the every time we tell someone the really timeline in person, “scandalous” is never ever the word lock use. Too poor we aren’t enabled to call the fact on society media…

— Jonathan Francetic (

After receiving a an excellent deal the backlash from viewers, Francetic required to social media to attend to the rumors and defend his connection with Griffin.

In an answer to several Twitter users discussing their “scandalous” relationship, Francetic sarcastically wrote, “The funny component is the every time we tell someone the really timeline in person, ‘scandalous’ is never ever the word they use. Too poor we aren’t enabled to tell the fact on society media…”

A friend of the couple previously told human being that Griffin and Francetic started dating much more than 5 months after ~ his season wrapped, dispelling any kind of speculation that the two had had an affair while Francetic was still married to Duff.

“Jessica and also Jon are an extremely happy together. She wants to emphasis on she family and their relationship,” the friend said, follow to People.

Griffin released a statement Explaining Her departure From the Show

Although not breaking news, I want to confirm that I will certainly not be returning to #marriedatfirstsight . I never intended to get in the TV world. Yet, ns loved the idea of getting to others v this distinctive platform & to be thankful for the privilege afforded to me. Working on these reflects was challenging, intellectually stimulating, and also a most fun – till it wasn’t. Ns met some incredible people – many became my true friends (you guys matter to me & ns love you). I LOVE love stories. Ns have regularly said top top TV: “You have to take extraordinary threats to find extraordinary love.” Ironically, in the course of helping human being find love, ns met my future husband (albeit, so we’re clear, there to be nothing remotely between us until we reconnected, platonically, 8 month after we finished filming. Ns went immediately to the production firm & readily available to action down. Instead, ns was put on 3 succeeding cycles of shows/spinoffs). Life works in especially ways. For plenty of different factors which I’m not at liberty come discuss, it’s time for me to walk in one more direction in endeavors that enable me to use the breadth of my credentials and the depth of mine heart. Work that enables me to usage my voice – where I don’t feel silenced. Occupational that hires me for my credentials & then permits me to actually use them. Return ratings room extremely essential in TV, and I acquire it, world matter much more to me. I have no doubt #mafs will continue to be very successful based on great ratings & farming popularity. Ns wish the franchise the ideal & organize a soft spot? for my MAFS family. Yet, I understand in my love this to be the best decision. I’m thankful to those who assistance my great to leaving this place far better than when I found it & that when my children think of someone brave, kind, & with integrity, they think that me. I’m excited about what’s comes next: methods to promote heal & jobs helping others develop their love in relationship they’ve only dreamt of. Ns didn’t perform TV because that the fame, nor because that the exposure. Ns did it because that the possibility to reach people. I did the for chance to assist our couples (who i adore) & fans/viewers. Many importantly, i did it for the love stories. I didn’t perform it because that the ratings.

A post shared through Dr. Jessica Griffin (

In her very own message come fans, Griffin claimed her exit fromMarried at first Sight had nothing to perform with her partnership to Francetic; she also included that she had instantly informed the producers as soon as they an initial started dating.

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“Ironically, in the course of helping world find love, ns met mine future husband,” she wrote in a an extensive Instagram post. She likewise emphasized the the duo didn’t gain together until nearly eight month after filming ended, long after Francetic and also Duff had decided to gain a divorce.

After the pair began their romantic connection Griffin stated, “I went instantly to the production firm and readily available to action down. Instead, i was put on three succeeding cycles of shows/spinoffs.”

As for her exit from the show, she wrote, “For numerous different factors which I’m no at liberty to discuss, it’s time because that me to walk in an additional direction in endeavors that permit me to usage the breadth of my credentials and also the depth of mine heart. Occupational that enables me to usage my voice — wherein I don’t feel silenced. Work-related that hires me for my credentials & then enables me to actually use them.”