When invoice Simmons asked Julius Erving to choose his best dunk ever, the hall of Famer didn’t hesitate because that a second.

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Clearly top top Elvin Hayes.

Julius Erving, The BS Report v Bill Simmons

This is a rare occasion the web failed us since there’s no video of Dr.J.’s dunk accessible online. But judging by Erving’s description, it’s no wonder the NBA legend labeled it as the ideal throwdown of his career.

It to be Elvin and also Wes under there, so ns turned the corner on the forward that was guarding me, and there’s Elvin and Wes; they’re waiting. Wes never jumped; Elvin jumped. He used to constantly jump with two hands, and also I kinda put it best in the middle.

Julius Erving, The BS Report v Bill Simmons

Upon landing, Erving chose not come boast about the fact he simply threw one under on Hayes. The did it as a precaution, in situation of the Bullets’ front seeking revenge. “It to be no bragging about it, just kinda ran under the court ’cause i knew Elvin was among those men who to be gonna try to get you back,” Julius said. “And he never got me back.”

Hayes was mad. In fact, he organized a grudge around it for years. Even after both of castle retired, the hall of Famer tho couldn’t get over the fact Erving put him ~ above the poster. That’s once the NBA unveiled the perform of 50 best Players, including both Erving and also Hayes. The consciousness was held at the grand Hyatt Hotel, and also Dr.J. Observed it as the perfect opportunity for reconciliation.

We go to the 50 greatest in ’96, and also Elvin is tho mad. We’re both retired, and also I sat v him, Wilt, Moses, and we’re every going to dinner, so we’re all in the exact same seating area. And I can tell Elvin’s mad around something. I had actually pretty lot forgotten about it. And also then the hit me — he to be holding on to that. ‘You gotta let that go, man. We’re below with 50 biggest players of every time — we must be boys.’ that said, ‘yeah, girlfriend right.’

Julius Erving, The BS Report with Bill Simmons

It seems favor Dominique Wilkins wasn’t the only one who dunk practically ruined a friendship. The very same thing taken place to Dr. J. I just wish there’s a video clip of his jam online. Till someone uploads it, here are some of Erving’s ideal dunks ever.

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Judging by this compilation, we deserve to only assume exactly how brutal his poster ~ above Elvin Hayes really was. Acquire your VHS tapes out and also start in search of it. The NBA human being is dying to see it.