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One project has increased over $300,000 to aid with Blasey Ford's an individual and defense costs.The topic come up throughout the hearing since Blasey Ford was asked just how she paid for her polygraph test.

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In she appearance before U.S. Senators ~ above Thursday, Christine Blasey Ford to be asked exactly how she would certainly pay because that the polygraph test the was administered and handle other costs associated with she testimony against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

"I'm mindful that there's been number of GoFundMe sites," Blasey Ford called Rachel Mitchell, the Arizona prosecutor that was hired to ask concerns on instead of of Republican senators. "I haven't had actually a chance to number out exactly how to manage those since I've never had actually one."

GoFundMe, a crowdfunding website that permits anyone to begin a fundraising effort, is hosting 13 projects related to Blasey Ford, according to a search on the site using she name. Most of lock haven't gained much response, despite they picked up after the topic to be raised.

However, the peak two campaigns have reeled in much more than fifty percent a million dollars for Blasey Ford, a professor the psychology and also statistics at Palo Alto university in California.

Key moment from Brett Kavanaugh's and Christine Blasey Ford's Senate testimony

The fundraising initiative that's increased the most money lugged in over $320,000 from end 6,400 world as that mid-day Thursday, blowing past its original goal of $150,000. The project for her "immediate protection and personal expenses" is "sponsored by she neighbors and also colleagues," and named the Ford household as the sole beneficiary.

Blasey Ford is in Washington, D.C., top top Thursday to testify, after ~ she come forward come tell she story of gift sexually attacked by Kavanaugh together a teenager in 1982. Kavanaugh's testimony come the Senate Judiciary Committee will follow Blasey Ford's appearance. Kavanaugh has actually denied all the allegations versus him.

Death threats

Another GoFundMe campaign raised almost $210,000 from end 6,600 human being to sheathe security prices for Blasey Ford, who has moved the end of her house due threats against her and also her family. The description, which has actually 29,000 shares on Facebook, begins:

Due to fatality threats, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford (who provides "Dr. Blasey" professionally) and also her household have had to leave their residence and also arrange for exclusive security. Let's create a fund to sheathe her protection expenses, come do simply a little bit to do it much easier for females in her place to come forward despite great risks. If us raise more than Dr. Blasey needs, extra funds will certainly go come women's institutions and/or into an account to cover comparable costs incurred in equivalent situations.

The project was produced on Sept. 18, with a score of elevating $175,000, and also stopped agree donations ~ above Sept. 20. The creator the the project said, "I am working v Dr. Blasey Ford and also her to represent to ensure a responsible deliver of funds."

During a break after Blasey Ford's testimony, Senator lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), one of Kavanaugh's many outspoken advocates, told reporters: "I don't understand who payment for she polygraph yet somebody did."

Blasey Ford's lawyer said during the testimony that her legitimate team is working on a pro bono basis and also that they paid for the polygraph test, "as is routine."

One that the GoFundMe pages pointing out Blasey Ford to be for one campaign, dubbed "We think Women," which raised over $46,000 come take the end a full-page newspaper ad.

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Misconduct cases hang end Kavanaugh. Mrs senators might decide his fate
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