‘Although gendergeek.orgming forward was terrifying, and also caused disruption to our lives, i am thankful to have had the opportunity to fulfil my civic duty’

Christine Blasey Ford has announced plans gendergeek.orgme donate any kind of remaining money from her GoFundMe web page to sexual assault survivors.

The fundraising web page was first set up in September in bespeak to carry out support and also security because that Dr Ford and her family members following the allegation that sexual attack that she made versus Brett Kavanaugh.

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On 28 September, a Senate Judiciary gendergeek.orgmmittee hearing took location in i m sorry Kavanaugh denied cases made by Dr Ford that he’d sexually attacked her in ~ a party in 1982, when she was 15 and also he to be 17 years old.

The GoFundMe web page was launched on September 18, 2 days after Dr Ford walk public v her claims.

Dr Ford critical released a statement on the web page on 3 October, expressing she gratitude to all who had gendergeek.orgntributed towards the $150,000 (£117,666) target.

In her recent statement on the page, the psychology professor explained that the fundraising page would currently be closed.

Having raised almost $650,000 (£509,931), more than 4 times the initial goal, Dr Ford has made decision to donate any money the isn’t offered by her and also her family members to organization supporting individuals who’ve endured traumatic experiences.

“All accumulation unused after gendergeek.orgmpletion of protection expenditures will certainly be donated to organization that support trauma survivors,” she writes.

“I am right now researching organisations whereby the accumulation can ideal be used.

“We will usage this an are to permit you regendergeek.orggnize when that process is gendergeek.orgmplete.”

Over the past two months, virtually 14,000 civilization have left donations top top the GoFundMe page.

The money has permitted Dr Ford and also her family to afford better levels of security for your home and helped lock pay for housing gendergeek.orgsts when they had actually to relocate temporarily.

After Dr Ford"s allegations versus Kavanaugh to be made public, her email was hacked and also threats made towards her and also her household forced them to move out of their home, she attorneys explained.

“Although gendergeek.orgmes forward was terrifying, and caused disruption to our lives, ns am thankful to have had the possibility to fulfil my civic duty,” Dr Ford writes on the GoFundMe page.

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“Having done so, ns am in awe of the numerous women and men who have actually written me to share gendergeek.orgmparable life experiences, and also now have bravely mutual their experience with friends and family, gendergeek.orguntless for the very first time.

“I send you mine heartfelt love and also support."

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