Dr. Eric Buck

Dr. Buck is passionate around providing excellent dental care and also reaching his patients’ goals for beautiful lasting smiles. A indigenous Ohioan, the holds a Bachelor the Arts level in zoology indigenous Miami University, and also earned his doctor of dentist Surgery degree from The Ohio State college College that Dentistry. Constantly focused on providing the ideal dentistry possible, Dr. Buck is connected in many professional organizations, including theAmerican dentist Association (ADA), the Ohio dentist Association (ODA), Columbus dental Society, (CDS),American Orthodontists Society, member the the Spear education Society, Academy of basic Dentistry (AGD), and also American Academy of dental Sleep Medicine.

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At Distinctive Smiles the Dublin, Dr. Buck is always eager to administer top-tier dental treatment and aid his patients attain healthy, beautiful smiles the last because that years to come. That is from Ohio and also completed his Bachelor of art in Zoology from Miami University prior to moving on come The Ohio State university College that Dentistry, whereby he achieved his medical professional of dental Surgery. Today, Dr. Buck is involved in several skilled organizations therefore he have the right to continue expanding his skills, including:

Ohio dental AssociationColumbus dental SocietyAmerican Orthodontists SocietyAmerican dentist AssociationSpear education and learning SocietyAcademy of basic DentistryAmerican Academy of dentist Sleep Medicine

Additionally, Dr. Buck is a visiting faculty member in ~ Spear dental Education. That teaches courses around dental photography while additionally providing an important mentorships on the therapy of advanced dental concerns.

Outside that work, Dr. Buck is married to Heather, who is a organization analyst for Dell computers. Together, they’re the happy parental of 2 wonderful children. Logan, your son, enjoys reading, playing Xbox, and also sports. Your daughter Riley, meanwhile, loves being cute and playing around with all of her stuffed animals. The Final family members member is one Aussiedoodle called Wanca, whose favorite activities are cuddling on the couch and fetching thrown frisbees.

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As for Dr. Buck himself, you can usually find him cheering ~ above the Buckeyes, cooking/grilling, traveling, and working very hard to become a far better golfer.

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