Dr. Dre (real name: Andre Young) has endured an ext than his fair share of hardship, indigenous being increased by a teenage solitary mother to dropping out of high school. This days, the music mogul is a bonafide success — no to point out one that the richest and also most an effective men in the business. However, Dre"s life hasn"t been untouched through tragedy. 2 of his brothers died, together per Hollywood.com, and also in 2008, the megastar rapper-producer sadly shed his own son, too. As The Sun notes, Dre has actually fathered seven kids over the year in total, indigenous five various mothers. 

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Dre"s first-born is son Curtis, that was followed by daughters Tyra and La Tonya. He had one son, Marcel, through singer Michel"le, and also another son, Andre Young Jr., v Jenita Porter. ~ marrying his now-estranged wife Nicole Young, lock welcomed son Truice and also daughter Truly. Devastatingly, Dre shed his namesake — Andre Jr. — too soon.

In respectable 2008, the Los Angeles Times reported the Andre Jr., Dre"s 20-year-old son, had been discovered dead in his home after safety a night out through friends. Andre Jr. Was found in bed by his mom just prior to 10:30 a.m., follow to Ed Winter, the coroner"s spokesman, that revealed, "She found him unresponsive and called paramedics." an autopsy had been completed however a "gamut that tests, consisting of toxicology" were as result of be conducted before the reason of fatality was confirmed. Dre"s rep stated: "Dr. Dre is mourning the lose of his boy Andre Young Jr. You re welcome respect his family"s grief and privacy in ~ this time." 

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Jenita Porter, Andre Jr."s mother, filed a lawsuit versus Dre ago in 1990 because that $5,000 every month in boy support payments, alleging the rapper had actually yet to come through financially. Dre acknowledged he to be the dad of the child yet only agreed to salary $500 in monthly support. 

According to The Guardian, ~ above the work of Andre Jr."s death, his mommy heard the come home around 5:30 a.m. Police did no suspect foul play. The reason of fatality was subsequently evidenced as being a result of one overdose the heroin and also morphine, as People reported in January 2009. The publication noted friends mental the deceased together an optimistic person. Young"s brother, Curtis, posted a tribute to him in 2014. The wrote, on Twitter, "Andre Young Jr. Missing you lil bro." 

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