"Although coming forward was terrifying, and also caused disruption come our lives, i am grateful to have had actually the opportunity to meet my public duty."



Since the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings in October, Christine Blasey Ford has kept a short profile. The last anyone had actually heard native her was in October, as soon as she released a statement on she GoFundMe page. But that all readjusted last week, as soon as Blasey Ford exit a 2nd statement, and also the sentiment was a tiny different this time.

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The GoFundMe, which has raised virtually $650,000 in 2 months, has enabled Blasey Ford and also her household to "take reasonable measures to safeguard ourselves against frightening threats, consisting of physical protection and also security because that me and also my family, and also to improve the security for ours home." Blasey Ford has had to move residences four times, the professor has actually received fatality threats, and also has hired exclusive security to help protect her family because coming forward with her accusations in mid-September. Kavanaugh has actually denied the allegations.

There was an inkling that positivity, however: “Your tremendous outpouring the support and also kind letters have made it possible for united state to cope v the immeasurable stress, an especially the disruption to our safety and privacy,” Blasey Ford wrote. “Because of her support, i feel confident that our resides will return to normal.”

She took the time to notice the GoFundMe will cease to accept more donations, and also confirmed that when security expenses were completed, she"d it is in donating the remaining funds to organizations that support trauma survivors. She promised to let us recognize what those organizations are and when it would be completed. (Psst, Dr. Ford: Charity Navigator is a great place to get started.)

The note ends v her stating that yes, the was challenging to come forward, however it may have actually all been worth it. "Although comes forward was terrifying, and also caused disruption to our lives, i am thankful to have had the chance to accomplish my public duty.

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Having done so, ns am in awe the the countless women and men who have written me to share similar life experiences, and also now have actually bravely mutual their experience with friends and family, countless for the first time. Ns send you mine heartfelt love and also support."

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