Message native Dr. Christine Blasey Ford - November 21, 2018Words are not adequate to thank every one of you who supported me due to the fact that I come forward come tell the Senate that I had been sexually struck by Brett Kavanaugh. Your incredible outpouring that support and also kind letters have actually made it feasible for us to cope v the immeasurable stress, specifically the disruption to our safety and privacy. Because of her support, i feel positive that our resides will go back to normal.The funds you have sent with have actually been a godsend. Her donations have allowed us to take reasonable procedures to safeguard ourselves versus frightening threats, including physical protection and also security because that me and also my family, and also to improve the security for our home. We used your generous contributions to pay because that a protection service, which started on September 19 and also has recently started to taper off; a home security system; housing and security prices incurred in Washington DC, and also local real estate for component of the time we have been displaced. Part of the time we have been may be to stay with our security team in a residence generously loaned come us.With immense gratitude, ns am closeup of the door this account to further contributions. All funds unused after completion of protection expenditures will be donated to organizations that support trauma survivors. Ns am right now researching establishments where the accumulation can best be used. We will use this space to allow you understand when that procedure is complete.Although coming forward was terrifying, and also caused disruption come our lives, ns am thankful to have had the chance to meet my civic duty. Having actually done so, i am in awe the the countless women and also men who have written me come share comparable life experiences, and now have actually bravely common their experience with friends and family, plenty of for the very first time. I send you my heartfelt love and support.I wish I could thank each and also every one of you individually. Give thanks to you.Christine_____________________________________________________________________________Message from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford - October 3, 2018I can not express exactly how grateful ns am because that the outpouring the support and also generosity that we have received through this account. I believed and also still believe that it to be my public duty to come forward, but this is by much the hardest point I’ve ever before had come do, much harder also than I believed it would be. And not just for me, however for mine husband and our sons, for my relatives who quiet live in the Washington area, and the girlfriend who have actually stood up on mine behalf.I feeling like every one of you who have actually made a contribution are on this journey with me, i m sorry is really heartening. And some trip it has actually been and continues to be. Us have currently had to move four times, our activities are limited even v security, and also the threats are ongoing. Many thanks to you, i am able to feel safe, my household can be together, and my children can continue to go to school.The expenses for security, housing, transportation and also other related costs are much higher than us anticipated and also they do not present signs of letting up. Funds obtained via this account will be provided to help us pay for these mounting expenses.Please know exactly how much we appreciate your moral support and your contribution,Christine_____________________________________________________________________________Christine Blasey Ford prove a large amount of vessel speaking out this week. She go not at first come forward because she was scared the the response. She was ideal to it is in scared. Not only has actually the best wing smear an equipment started, but she is receiving serious threats against her and has had to communicate a security force to safeguard her family. This is all yes, really expensive and she demands our help. We require to defend the voices the brave world who speak out - especially when castle are component of ours community.Christine is a Palo Alto mom, a beloved professor and mentor and friend. This fundraiser is funded by she neighbors and also colleagues.

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She is truly thankful for your support!Please keep in mind that we will not withdraw any of this funds. The household has been named the sole beneficiary and also her husband will take the funds straight from