Dr. Aziz is an endocrinologist in Johnson City, TN and also may check out patients through Thyroiditis, Bone Loss, Diabetes Insipidus (DI), and more. Learn an ext About Dr. Aziz

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Dr. Saba W. Aziz MD (she/her) is a highly-rated endocrinologist in Johnson City, TN. She is rated 5 the end of 5 by patients on gendergeek.org and also has got an overall patient suffer rating the 1.9 out of 5.

For new and existing patients, you re welcome see referrals on exactly how to schedule one appointment through Dr. Aziz online. Together an endocrinologist, she may specialize in Hypoglycemia and also Achondroplasia, in addition to various other conditions.

Dr. Aziz has been practicing because that over 9 years due to the fact that graduating from university of Illinois at Chicago health Science Center and also getting her patent to practice in Tennessee. She is right now working in ~ ETSU medical professionals Practice Group and Unicoi ar Memorial Hospital to provide care.

If you desire to check out Dr. Aziz, please call her to book an appointment. Girlfriend can additionally see just how Dr. Aziz to compare to other endocrinologists in Johnson City or gain matched to a primary care provider.


9+ years of Experience

No clinical Board action Found

Overall Rating


1 Review

Recommended by 1 Patient

Conditions Treated


Addison's Disease


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Dr. Richard M. Jordan MD


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Patient Experience

What Is patient Experience?

When deciding to see Dr. Aziz, you have the right to take into account other patients" experiences. The PX Score™and other key patient endure ratings measure just how other patient felt around the suffer they had withDr. Aziz. Dr. Aziz has a PX Score™ that 1.9 out of 5, i m sorry wascalculated from 7 reviews compiled indigenous multiple digital sources.

Dr. Aziz"s PX Score™

Overall Patient suffer Rating



Based on 7 Reviews.Learn MoreThe PX Score and crucial patient endure ratings are based upon 7 evaluate andcomments compiled native over two hundred digital sources.

Provider's Attitude

Evaluation the Dr. Aziz's friendly, caring and also compassionate attitude.



Provider's perceived Outcomes

Satisfaction v Dr. Aziz's understanding and also interpretation of outcomes.



Amount of Time with Patient

Satisfaction with the quantity of time Dr. Aziz spent with castle in a way that feel meaningful and also impactful.



General Feedback

Satisfaction with the general experience they've had actually as a patience of Dr. Aziz.



Patient loyalty to Provider

Patients' perception of your likeliness to go check out Dr. Aziz again.



Provider's Follow-Up

Satisfaction through Dr. Aziz's follow-up care.



Ability come Answer Questions

Dr. Aziz's capacity to answer to questions in an reliable and precise manner.



Clarity that Instructions

Evaluation of how clear Dr. Aziz's indict were.



Inclusion in Decisions

Dr. Aziz's aptness to incorporate them in the decision-making process when it concerns their health.



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Practice and Hospital Affiliations

What space Affiliations?

Affiliated Practices

1.ETSU medical professionals Practice Group

222 eastern Main StreetJohnson City, TN 37604

(423) 433-6200

4.4(40 physician Ratings)

2.Inpatient medical Services PC

119 Boone Ridge DriveSuite 201Johnson City, TN 37615

(423) 928-1145

4.4(15 physician Ratings)

Affiliated Hospitals

1.Unicoi ar Memorial Hospital

100 Greenway CircleErwin, TN 37650

(423) 743-3141

4.4(57 medical professional Ratings)

2.Sycamore Shoals Hospital

1501 West Elk AvenueElizabethton, TN 37643

(423) 542-1300

4.3(6 Ratings)

4.4(105 medical professional Ratings)

3.Johnson City clinical Center

400 phibìc State of Franklin RoadJohnson City, TN 37604

(423) 431-6111

4.0(30 Ratings)

4.4(160 medical professional Ratings)

4.Franklin Woods ar Hospital

300 clinical Tech ParkwayJohnson City, TN 37604

(423) 302-1120

1.0(1 Rating)

4.3(96 medical professional Ratings)


5.Tennova Bradley Memorial Hospital

2305 Chambliss way NorthwestCleveland, TN 37311

(423) 559-6000

3.0(10 Ratings)

4.3(145 doctor Ratings)



ClickTapto show Map

325 phibìc State the Franklin Road

Floor 2

Johnson City,TN37604

Get Directions

Call:(423) 439-7320

Conditions Treated

As an endocrinologist, Dr. Aziz may see patients with the adhering to 43 conditions.Please constantly check v Dr. Aziz directly around what conditions she treats, because she might treat extr conditions not detailed here.


Dr. Dani Urcuyo MD

Family Physician

Building personal, lasting, one-on-one relationships v patients.

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See every Endocrinologists in Johnson City

Payments Received

What are Payments Received?

Many endocrinologists have received payments from clinical companies ranging from tiny amounts in the kind of foodat conferences to huge payments for consulting or royalties. Some have received payments forspecific drugs. These payments space not necessarily cause for concern, yet we encourage you come speak withDr. Aziz if they execute raise any questions or issues.

Total payments Received in between 2014 and also 2018

Dr. Aziz received much less money 보다 a bulk (75%) the endocrinologists nationally. This all at once payment quantity is low, and also is no necessarily a cause for concern. This graph represents paymentsDr. Aziz got relative come the mean payment got bysimilar doctors.

For an ext information around specific varieties of payments, watch thebreakdown of payment by category.




Expense Categories

The payments obtained by endocrinologists can variety across a variety of various categories. These can incorporate travel and lodging, food andbeverages from conferences, or fees because that promotional speaking or consulting engagements. Part have additionally received payments from royaltiesor licenses, usually from having actually helped build a product or drug.

This graph represents the failure of payment Dr. Aziz has actually received by certain category of payment.See thebreakdown of payment by company.

Company Payments

These payments come from particular medical companies, sometimes for specific drugs. If girlfriend have any questions or concerns about thespecific agency or medicine payments Dr. Aziz has received, we encourage you come speak v her directly.

This graph represents the failure of payments Dr. Aziz has actually received from particular medical companies, consisting of payments for drugs and also medical products.

Patient Reviews

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Average Wait Time: Under 15 minutes

Recommended through 1 Patient

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April 28, 2018


Verified Reviewer

2 Reviews

Johnson City, TN

Dr Aziz is a great endocrinologist

Dr Aziz is very thorough and takes all the time it demands with she patients. She is what any type of diabetic patient requirements to assist with control of your disease. Ns am lucky to have been described her.





Bedside Manner

Wait Time: Under 15 minutes


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Endocrinologist (Primary)

Endocrinology is the subspecialty of medicine came to with the endocrine glands and hormones. Endocrinologists space specially trained to evaluate, diagnose and also treat illness of hormonal imbalances. The goal of treatment is to gain back the patient’s typical hormone balance. Lot of endocrinology is research, through the goal of discovering much better treatments for hormone imbalance.


Doctors of internal medicine, or internists, room primary-care physicians who specialization in the diagnosis, treatment, and care the adults. Basic internists are those who are equipped to handle a wide variety of adult illnesses. They room specially trained to have expertise in diagnosis and treatment of chronic illness, and health promo and disease prevention.

Frequently asked Questions

Where is Dr. Saba W. Aziz's office located?

Dr. Saba W. Aziz"s office is located at 325 north State the Franklin Road, Floor 2, Johnson City, TN 37604. View a map and also get directions on gendergeek.org.

How perform patients rate Dr. Saba W. Aziz?

Dr. Saba W. Aziz has a patient experience rating of 1.9/5.0 based on 7 reviews. Discover more.

What conditions does Dr. Saba W. Aziz treat?

As an endocrinologist, Dr. Saba W. Aziz might treat Achondroplasia, Addison"s Disease, and Amyloidosis, in enhancement to other conditions. Please check Dr. Aziz"s profile to watch all the problems she treats.

Which techniques is Dr. Saba W. Aziz affiliated with?

Dr. Saba W. Aziz is affiliated v 2 practices, including ETSU doctors Practice Group. Please see Dr. Aziz"s file to see extr affiliations.

Which hospitals is Dr. Saba W. Aziz affiliated with?

Dr. Saba W. Aziz is affiliated v 5 hospitals, including Unicoi ar Memorial Hospital. Please check out Dr. Aziz"s profile to see additional affiliations.

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This section screens information about known insurances welcomed by Dr. Aziz. Please verifythis info by phone call Dr. Aziz directly.

Call: (423) 439-7320

gendergeek.org update insurance info from a range of sources including:

National sources such as center for consumer Information and Insurance oversight (CCIIO) indigenous Centers forMedicare & Medicaid solutions (CMS)

Office managers for the provider

Third-party partners that represent the provider come gendergeek.org

More questions? girlfriend can always contact us.

This section shows the financial relationships between doctors and also pharmaceutical and medical machine companies.

The U.S. Government collects substantial records about these relationships. Some examples include:

Consulting fees that companies pay to doctors, to gain their input around their products and also researchCompanies paying physicians to speak around their products at conferencesCompanies taking doctors out to dinner to tell them around a brand-new drug or medical deviceCompanies paying because that travel, hotel rooms, and also food at clinical conferences

The U.S. Federal government collects and also publishes this records as result of concerns around conflicts that interest.However, gendergeek.org go not believe that this transfers of worth necessarily average a physician is ethically compromised.Eating sponsored food in ~ conferences and also speaking on instead of of pharmaceutical service providers are not the very same thing.Further, we think that there are physicians who have success with companies" products, get paid come speak around them,and space still foremost devoted to successful patient outcomes.

Therefore, in addition to mirroring the payments information, we administer some context, such together the typical amount for doctors of the specialty,to help users assess potential problems of interest. Us encourage individuals to discuss this info with their doctors.

Data in this ar is calculated using open up Payments data, gathered by Medicare as part of the Affordable treatment Act.This data contains detailed records around payments and other transfers of worth from pharmaceutical and medical maker companies to doctors.

Although the open up Payments regimen is administered by Medicare, that covers practically all medical professionals in the unified States,including those who carry out not accept Medicare insurance.

More questions? girlfriend can constantly contact us.

This section reflects the list of practices and also hospitals the Dr. Aziz techniques in. Keep in mind that the list mayinclude previous affiliations to help patients find their providers. If you room Dr. Aziz, you might remove yourpast affiliations by updating her profile.

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This section reflects patient endure ratings native Fountain Analytics.

Fountain Analytics provides refined natural language processing an innovation to have a score for as much as 10 an essential patientexperience category by evaluating and quantifying reviews and comments from hundreds of online sources. FountainAnalytics then combines the scores because that each of the 10 categories using a weighted model to calculate the overallPX Score™. To learn more, check out the methodology.

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