Voicemail allows you to retrieve and also manage your voice messages. After setup up Voicemail, callers can leave a message also when your device is in usage or turned off. Therefore you"ll never miss any kind of important message. We know that your Voicemails are crucial to you and that"s why we desire to aid you in backing up Voicemails come computer.

How to back-up iPhone 4/5/6/7 Voicemails come Computer?

Firstly, you have to save her Voicemails as Voice Memos.

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1. Walk to phone call > Voicemail.

2. Tap the Voicemail post that you"d favor to save, then tap


3. Click Voice Memos to save your Voicemail message as Voice Memo.


Find Voice Memos to check the Voicemails conserved Before

1. Go to Preloaded top top the desktop of phone.

2. Find Voice Memos and turn on.

3. Check your Voicemails.


Install and also Open phone Manager on computer system for Free.

DownloadWin Version


1. Attach your phone call to computer system ( Please enable Phone Manager read your data when connecting ). Walk to Media > Voice Memos

2. Pick Voicemails you’d like to save > click Export to conserve your Voicemails come computer.

Note: you re welcome make sure you"ve turned turn off iCloud backup beforing connecting. Comprehensive instructions you deserve to refer come here.


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