Netflix is a great app to watch movies and also TV shows on iPad, however, many users obtained "The application is not compatbile v this iPad" error article on your iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air, an especially old iPad model. There room several ways to stream Netflix top top iPads also though your iPad isn"t compatible through the Netflix app. First, examine Netflix compatible iPad models list, then uncover workarounds to Netflix not compatible with iPad problem, for example, download old variation of Netflix on iPad, download the Netflix app from an additional iOS device, etc.

Netflix not Compatible through iPad

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What iPads are Compatible v Netflix

Netflix application requires iPads to run iOS 13.0 or later. The adhering to iPad have the right to support the Netflix app.

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12-inch/11-inch/10.5-inch/9.7-inch iPad agree iPad (5th/6th generation) iPad mini (4/5 generation) iPad waiting (2/3 generation)

iPad 3, iPad mini 2, the original iPad Air, and older iPads space not compatible v the Netflix app. Keep in mind that Netflix is compatible with iPads running iOS 5.0 or later on that have downloaded the Netflix application already. To inspect the iOS variation of her iPad, go to setups > basic > About, and also you must see the iOS variation number listed next to Version.

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How to clock Netflix top top Noncompatible iPads

1. Upgrade your iPad to more recent iOS if that supports

If your iPad support updating the latest iOS version, upgrade your iPad iOS version. Tap on setups > basic > Software, insanity Download and Install, tap Install, and your iPad will upgrade to the latest version of iOS. If asked, enter your passcode. Prior to you upgrade your iPad, make sure you"ve made a back-up of your iPad utilizing iCloud or her computer. After ~ finished, try Netflix again.

2. Download old version of Netflix because that iPads

Before you take this method, girlfriend should understand that this means works because that iPads to run iOS 12 or older through the Netflix application installed earlier. That method your old iPad on 12 and earlier should have actually the Netflix app. Friend can"t download one older variation of iPads no compatible with Netflix and having no Netflix application before. Usage the complying with steps to download old version of Netflix because that iPads.

Step 1: sign up with your to apologize ID, go to Apple save on your iPad step 2: discover the purchase tab and also search for Netflix app from the purchased page.Step 3: tap the iCloud icon and also you will view the message like "Download one older version of this app? The existing version calls for iOS 12 or later, yet you have the right to download the critical compatible version". Action 4: insanity the Download button. Now you download one older version of Netflix on your iPad, including iPad mini 2/3, iPad 3, and iPad Air.

Note: when you try to download the Netflix old version from the application Store, you might get the error blog post "Netflix is no compatible v this iPad." girlfriend will need to use another device compatible v Netflix to clock Netflix content.

Video tutorial - exactly how to Download and Install Netflix top top Old iPad

3. Get the Netflix app from one more iOS device

If her iPad iOS is below 13.0 and you have actually not downloaded the Netflix app, friend still have a method to gain the Netflix application on your old iPad.

Step 1: Download the Netflix app on a more recent iOS an equipment that supplies the exact same Apple ID.Step 2: on the newer iDevice, walk to app Store, find the Netflix app, download and also install it.Step 3: Now, on her old iPad, walk to app Store, then Purchased, you"ll view the Netflix you just purchased top top the newer iOS an equipment with the exact same Apple ID.Step 4: climate tap the iCloud symbol to download Netflix to her old iPad the is not compatible v Netflix.

Note: if your iPad iOS is 5.0 or earlier, you will need another machine to currently Netflix.

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4. Clock Netflix ~ above iPad via Safari without the Netflix app

You deserve to watch Netflix on iPads utilizing a net browser. is sustained on Safari, Chrome, Edge, Opera browsers. Visit the Netflix website, select Sign in, go into your Netflix email and also password to log in. Girlfriend can add Netflix to her home display to have actually a makeshift Netflix application for the exact same streaming suffer without installation the app on your iPad.