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How come download Microsoft Office:

Remove Older variation of multiple sclerosis Office (in home windows 10)

If friend have an additional version the Microsoft Office ~ above your windows computer, you’ll need to remove it. If you have actually no various other versions of ms Office on your computer, you deserve to skip ahead to the install section.

In home windows 10 click the “Start” button and choose “Settings”. Then, choose “System”. Next, pick “Apps (just an additional word because that programs) & features”. Scroll under to find Microsoft Office or obtain Office. Click the program and also an “Uninstall” switch will appear. Once, did you do it uninstalled, restart your computer.

Install multiple sclerosis Office on computer or Mac

open a web web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Students and Staff need to now check out the very same screen. Click the down arrow under “Install Office”, i beg your pardon will start the office installation on her computer. You’ll need to open and run the Setup file which is sent out to her Downloads folder on your computer system (you might see this on the bottom left). This will certainly install the complete MS Office 365 ProPlus (the pc version with 2016 apps is displayed below). If you desire to see other install options, select the 2nd option. Here, you can see how plenty of of her 5 maker installs you’ve used + web links to Office because that phone or tablet.

*Mac users can skip under to the Notes because that Mac individuals heading. **Chromebook individuals see next page.

Click “Install” button. Pick to run file, which will download and also start the 20 minutes (or more) installation. Once prompted come enter an email or upon opening an Office app for the first time, a student should type his/her Saints email and password for (free) accessibility to Microsoft Office. Staff would get in her/his Outlook username and also password. If a ms Office regime is logged in under a personal email (which may cause you to get reminders come pay), you can go come the “File” ribbon and also choose “Account”. Sign out of personal email and sign in using your Saints email and password (or employee account email and also password as stated previously).

*Notes because that Mac customers

The Office Mac variation only consists of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook (most noteworthy is the lack of access and Publisher), and also is Office 2019.

For Mac users, just like Windows computer users, girlfriend will must remove older versions of multiple sclerosis Office. Manual uninstall of previously Mac Office is regrettably a laborious procedure to eliminate all the ms Office parts, however it’s encourage to Google for aid for uninstall. Then, restart your computer.

Once girlfriend click install, the huge Office suite might take a while come download, finishing up in the download folder. From the Finder you deserve to press COMMAND + choice + together to open up this folder. Then, double-click the many recent file in the downloads folder, and begin the installation process.

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SIMnet users: SIMnet is an digital Microsoft Office simulation used in Business, company Technology, and also CIS classes. SIMnet supports both Mac and also Windows customers for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint courses (e.g. BA131, CIS120L, BT125). For accessibility courses (CIS125DB, BT210ZAA, or BT210ZAB) Mac individuals will should use a home windows computer since Microsoft accessibility is a database program not made for Macs. Mac individuals taking an accessibility course can purchase Parallels and also Windows software application to emulate a PC, however this option can be costly.

**Trying to download on a Chromebook?

Sorry--you’re the end of luck to download the full version the Microsoft Office due to the fact that this is a suite of programs created for Windows and Mac operation systems, and it calls for a difficult drive because that installation. Chrome iOS is online and also built about Google apps, such together Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Gmail, etc. But you deserve to still feel free to log in to her Saints Email, click tiles in the top left, and access the “lite” version of online Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.


Tip: If you watch the following display when signing in, be sure to choose “Work or college account”.