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Piri Thomas
New York, Knopf, 1967.

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The author recalls his early on experiences v poverty and discrimination, his involvement with drugs and also gangs, and his prison sentence for armed robbery which brought about his rehabilitation and work v street gangs and also drug addicts.

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Online version:Thomas, Piri, 1928-Down these typical streets.New York, Knopf, 1967(OCoLC)574746828
Piri Thomas; Piri Thomas; Piri Thomas
Piri Thomas
xiii, 333 pages 22 cm
Harlem. Cutting the end --Puerto Rican heaven --Playing the smooth --Alien turf --Home relief --If girlfriend ain"t obtained heart, you ain"t got nada --Little red schoolhouse --In company --Suburbia. Babylon for the babylonians --But not for me --Harlem. Exactly how to it is in a black without yes, really trying --My maritime tiger --Hung up between two sticks --Suburbia. Discovering some new ABC"s --Brothers under the skin --Funeral for a prodigal son --Down South. Gonna find out what"s shakin" --Barroom sociology --Las Aguas del Sur --Harlem. Home, sweet Harlem --Hung down --Real Jesse Jameses --Wish it to be you, Trina --If you"re gonna pray --then pray big --Prison. House of do-right --Breaking in --Mucho days and nights in gray --Sex in a deserve to --No more mananas for us, Trina --Sweatin", man, sweatin" --God, ain"t you for everybody --Great, man, great; I"m thinking prefer a rock philosopher --New York town. Complimentary side is the best side --Hey, barrio --I"m residence --I swears come God and the Virgin.
by Piri Thomas.

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The author recalls his early experiences with poverty and also discrimination, his involvement with drugs and also gangs, and his jail sentence for equipped robbery which resulted in his rehabilitation and work through street gangs and drug addicts.