Carson Wentz to be benched with 7:19 left in the 3rd quarter for Jalen Hurts, who provided the Eagles a spark.

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Eagles head coach Doug Pederson talks with quarterback Jalen damages (2) during Sunday's 30-16 loss against the Packers.Read moreTIM TAI / staff Photographer

The Eagles now have a quarterback dispute on your hands following Sunday’s 30-16 lose in environment-friendly Bay. Coach Doug Pederson wasn’t ready to speak on his postgame push conference that will be his starter Sunday against the new Orleans Saints at Lincoln jae won Field.

With 7 minutes and 39 seconds left in the 3rd quarter, Pederson benched Carson Wentz for Jalen Hurts. It was the first time hurts played whole series.

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“You gained to let me get through this game. You simply heard me to speak we required a spark in this game to try to get things going,” stated Pederson, who 3-8-1 team has actually lost four in a row. “I got to acquire through injuries. I obtained to obtain through the tape. There space a lot of things I will certainly continue and also evaluate before anything is decided. The opportunity arose and we just needed that possibility to gain us back in the football game today and we came up short.”

Hurts perfect 5 of 12 passes because that 109 yards and also finished through one touchdown, one interception and also a 67.7 passer rating. He likewise ran because that 29 yards on five carries. Wentz perfect 6 of 15 passes because that 79 yards, and also finished with no touchdowns or interceptions. He had a 57.4 passer rating and rushed because that 18 yards on three carries.

The Eagles acquired to check out what a true franchise quarterback looked like. Aaron Rodgers was 25-for-34 for 295 yards, 3 touchdowns, no interceptions and also a 128.9 passer rating.

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Wentz do the efforts to store his emotions in examine when talking about the benching.

“Obviously that’s frustrating as a competitor and just the personality that ns have. I want to be the male out there, but it is what the is, they do the speak to today and also at the finish of the day us lost, as a team us lost. And that’s, for me, what i am many frustrated about,” Wentz said. “I don’t like where we space at this season record-wise and I recognize I have the right to play much better and we can all be much better going forward. Yet yeah, I typical we gained to clean some points up.”

When damages was asked how he would rate his performance, the said, “Not enough, not enough. We shed the game.”

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