If friend love OutDaughtered, Counting On and Welcome come Plathville, you’ll desire to examine out Doubling Down with the Derricos. TLC’s newest famed family brings much more multiples to fact TV together parents Karen and also Deon Derrico effort to produce a happy home for your 14 kids. Keep scrolling listed below to acquire to recognize the cast.

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Who space the Derricos?

Karen and also Deon space parents come 14 kids. Together, castle share — in this stimulate — a daughter, a son, twin boys, quintuplets (three girls and also two boys), two more twin boys and also triplets (two girls and a boy). The show follows your journey together they welcome their many recent 3 children, who were born in July 2019. “We had 4 sets of multiples back-to-back,” the mom explained in the trailer for the family’s show. “I’ve to be pregnant six times, and all of my kids were normally conceived.”


Who space the Derrico children?

Much favor the Duggars, the Derrico parents stuck with a naming convention for their kids. Rather of the letter J, however, they favor the letter D. Darian is the oldest daughter in the family. Her tiny brother, Derrick, came next. After that, the parents welcomed twins Dallas and also Denver, adhered to by quintuplets Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician and also Daiten, then guys Diez and also Dior. The parents refer to Diez and also Dior as “triplins” together a means to honor Carter, your triplet who died not long after their birth. The many recent triplets space Dawsyn, De’Aren and also Dyver.

What carry out the Derricos execute for work?

Deon’s Instagram bio describes him as a genuine estate investor. Karen is a breastfeeding advocate. After breastfeeding she kids, she really hopes to advanced awareness around breastfeeding in the black color community. She wants to share she journey about “#pumpingthroughthepain” in order to helping rather discover an ext resources for this reason they can breastfeed your children, too.


Where perform the Derricos live?

The big family stays in las Vegas, Nevada, though Karen is initially from Kingstree, southern Carolina, and Deon’s IMDb bio claims he’s native Detroit, Michigan. The couple also have actually a vacation home in Myrtle Beach, south Carolina, which Karen picked out for the whole gang.

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What other family members members room on the show?

Raising 14 kids takes a village, i m sorry is why Eric Jefferson and wife Mami Fefe are also part of the crew. Despite Eric is technically Deon’s nephew, the father of 14 thinks of him together his oldest child. “My son, mine nephew, mine oldest, my right hand … say thanks to you, Eric, for constantly taking such great care the your small siblings,” dad Deon captioned a picture of the family.