There’s a new “man” in town. Mexican beer brand Dos Equis has actually replaced its original “Most amazing Man in the World,” long illustrated by actor Jonathan Goldsmith, (Goldsmith newly channeled his character for Astral Tequila) through a fresh-faced Frenchman, Augustin Legrand (introduced in this teaser). ~ Goldsmith made his final appearance in a advertisement that sent his character on a one-way mission to Mars, Legrand took up the campaign’s banner, v the new ads centering on the “Most exciting Man” trope, however with a contemporary twist.

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It was virtually a provided that someone would eventually replace Goldsmith, but the move presented Dos Equis through another challenge altogether. With Goldsmith, 77, gift swapped out for Legrand, 41, the beer brand remained in the uncomfortable place of explaining away insurance claims of ageism. Andrew Katz, the vp the marketing because that Dos Equis put it this way: “The definition of ‘interesting’ has developed over the previous decade, and also this campaign features a new character and also look and also feel that opens the door come a world of exciting possibilities for today’s Dos Equis drinker.”

The brand hopes the campaign’s new phase, launching this month, will be an ext engaging, v interactive elements involving society media. Rolling the end in line with the brand’s sponsorship of the college football playoffs, Dos Equis debuted the first beer-branded Snapchat filter come coincide v its ads on the media platform.

Unsurprisingly, Dos Equis is looking to engage the financially rewarding millennial market. The agency wrote in a push release, it was “reinvigorating and modernizing ‘The Most interesting Man in the World’ with a fresh challenge to showcase a character who shows what is interesting to today’s Dos Equis drinker and also to millennial beer drinkers 21 years and older.” (read our interview through the brand-new ‘Most exciting Man in the World’ here.

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Whether you’re a fan of the adjust or lengthy for the days of Goldsmith’s rendition, RealClearLife has rounded up some of our favorite insurance claims to fame native “The Most exciting Man in the World.” in ~ the bottom, gain a compilation that Goldsmith’s ads that virtually span a decade.

“He stays vicariously through himself““His 10-gallon hat holds 20 gallons”“In museums, the is permitted to touch the art““If opportunity knocks, and he’s no at home, possibility waits““His signature won a Pulitzer”“Bigfoot make the efforts to acquire pictures of him““When the goes come Spain, he chases the bulls”“Bear hugs space what he offers bears”“Once the ran a marathon due to the fact that it to be ‘on the way’”“He is the life the parties the he has never attended““He has actually inside joke with civilization he’s never ever met”“Presidents take it his birthday off”“He once had actually an awkward moment, just to see how it feels““His tears have the right to cure cancer; too bad he never ever cries““He is considered a national treasure in countries he’s never visited”