One arbitrarily morning in 2006, karl Lieberman and Brandon Henderson were scrambling come come up v a brand-new advertising idea for Dos Equis, the mexico beer they"d been working on—fruitlessly—for months.

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The Euro RSCG creative pair were worn down of working on the brand. Castle couldn"t it seems ~ to offer anything through. And also a brand-new insight that a planner named Caroline Krediet had lugged to them—suggesting guys in their 20s are generally desperate come seem more interesting 보다 they are—felt borderline insulting.

So, they made decision to make funny of the brief. Tiny did they understand what would end up being of their sarcastic idea for a "Most exciting Man in the World."

In episode 1 the our new podcast Tagline, we map the history of the "Most exciting Man" campaign, and talk to many of the folks who made the happen—from the firm to the customer side to the male himself, Jonathan Goldsmith.

Listen above, or i ordered it to the show wherever you acquire your podcasts. And also below, check out some of the work discussed in the episode.

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Episode 1 guests:

• Brandon Henderson, group an imaginative director, Wieden + Kennedy• Caroline Krediet, founder, Imp Strategy• Jeff Kling, founder and chief an imaginative officer, Lightning Orchard• Jonathan Goldsmith, actor• karl Lieberman, chief an imaginative officer, Wieden + Kennedy• Lisa Pfenning, vice chairman Americas, Bacardi Rum Portfolio• mar Perhach, president, ‎SwellShark• Steve Miller, director, Radical Media• Willem jan Van der Hoeven, former U.S. Brand director, Dos Equis• will Lyman, voice actor

The TV beginning spot indigenous April 2007



Tim Nudd is editor in cook of the Clio Awards, editor of Muse by Clio, and also host the the podcast Tagline. Previously, that was an imaginative editor at Adweek.

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