"You go almost everywhere the world, and the one place everybody to know is Kansas due to the fact that of the movie," Zimmerman said. "The secret of the film"s appeal is also a plug because that the state", the said, "The most essential image that the totality film is this wholesome little girl who desires to get earlier to Kansas.""In spite of every the beauty, magic, and also everything about her, she want to get earlier home - and also that"s what we"re celebrating."

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Join Dorothy on a magical trip to discover...

There"s No place Like Home!

The amazing story of a Kansas farm girl involves life, and also you space invited to sign up with her in a unique interactive experience! sign up with Dorothy in a guided tour with her house (Dorothy"s House), the L. Frank Baum wrote around in the classic, "The Wonderrful wizard of Oz." A home constructed in 1907 has been preserved and revitalized to reflect the Gale farmhouse from the well known movie. Dorothy will walk girlfriend through before taking you somewhere over the rainbow whereby she starts she journey under the Yellow Brick Road. Go into into the 5,000 square foot man "Land that Oz" together Dorothy and also Toto proceed their adventure to check out the sorcerer’s in the Emerald City. Follow me the method you will meet Munchkins, the Scarecrow, believe Man, and the Cowardly Lion, every while do the efforts to protect against the wicked Witch. She will overview you through apple trees, paris monkeys, and even show you a equine of a various color. After ~ a face-to-face visit v the Wizard, friend return right back where girlfriend started, top top Dorothy"s farm in Kansas! You will certainly see unique memorabilia, consisting of the actual version of the home that was offered in the tornado scene in the 1939 movie. Admission is required for this distinctive experience that have the right to only be discovered at the official Gateway come the land of Oz, Dorothy"s residence in Liberal, Kansas!


Oliver Brown, a for free resident, knew that a home that resembled Dorothy"s. Volunteers moved the residence to the Coronado Museum grounds where it was transformed right into a replica of the house displayed in the movieand recognized by then-governor man Carlin as the official house of Dorothy Gale. An annual celebration sprang up around the exhibit, which continues to expand and also draw tourists to the community. In addition to the life-sized house, visitors deserve to take a tourism of the land of Oz, a 5,000 square foot exhibit and also animated journey with the movie. Originally created and displayed in Topeka, the attraction was relocated to for free by that is creator, Linda Windler. Travel guide dressed in Dorothy Galestyle gingham costume and, naturally, ruby slippers, offer personal tours v the exhibits, explaining historical detail as well as a short outline of the movie plot itself. In the remaining space within the framework that homes the soil of Oz, the Historical culture has developed onto its repertoire of sorcerer’s of Oz artifacts. Although they currently had some Oz memorabilia, including an individual effects indigenous the Munchkins, the home will give the society the affect it requirements to get more. Diehard movie fans can capture one that the continuous showings of the movie in the gift shop area, housed in the same structure as the Coronado Museum. Various Oz gift items are for sale, including T-shirts and children"s toys and also books.

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Dorothy"s House and also the soil of Oz attractions started as the result of that common Kansas friendliness the extends come points afar - lot like Dorothy"s trip to a magical land.The so late Max and also Katie Zimmerman of free attended an insurance convention in mountain Francisco in 1978. The sheepishly admits he entered a restaurant v his name tag ~ above - a sure authorize of a conventioneer. Noting Max"s state of origin, the waiter declared the obvious, "Oh, you"re native Kansas. That"s where Dorothy is from." Max request the waiter, "What would you intend to watch in Kansas?" The waiter responded he would suppose to watch Dorothy"s house, favor the one in The magician of Oz. After return from the West coast, Max mutual the waiter"s observation with the community and received some interest in Liberal becoming Dorothy"s main home. That wasn"t until 1981 the the idea take it a action closer to ending up being reality.