Dorothy, Ozma, and also the boys are having a picnic, and also Dorothy bring away the Ruby Slippers turn off to operation in the grass and go swimming. Naturally, Wilhelmina makes a variety of unsuccessful attempts to steal the Slippers. Dorothy and Ozma shot to to convince her come just give it up, however Wilhelmina confesses the that"s never going come happen. Ozma suggests, however, that even the many persistent witches need a little vacation—and zaps Wilhelmina through an anti-magic spell! Wilhelmina won"t have any type of powers for 3 days! The evil Witch is no happy, but Frank thinks a break might help. Nope, Wilhelmina"s latest arrangement involves a trench coat, fedora, fake mustache, and Frank was standing on Lyman"s shoulders! they trip, and also swap places, so the Lyman can play Paul Human-man, obtain the gang"s trust, and also take the slippers that way. Lyman help the Tin male arrange things for the following day"s tea party, and the monkeys are in! "Paul" has ice cream v the gang, theatre a weird version of volleyball top top unicycles (good thing everyone is wearing their helmets!), acquire their nails done (even Toto), and generally ingratiate themselves. Lock all have a good day, and invite "Paul" to the tea party. The following day, come make sure the primates steal the Slippers, the wicked Witch and also Wilhelmina come along to save an eye ~ above them. "Paul" sit down, and also the Scarecrow says, "We recognize you"re just Frank and also Lyman in a trench coat," (at which i laughed mine head off!) however they delighted in their agency so much anyway the Dorothy believed they"d perform the ideal thing. Oh, and also Dorothy invite Wilhelmina and the wicked Witch come the tea party, too, much to their surprise. Through neither the them having magic powers, neither is really much of a witch, so they may as well be friendly. The witches enjoy some tea, but Wilhelmina vows the as soon as the tea is done, she"s going back to being your archenemy—then she digs right into a crumpet.Yup, this was another silly, funny one, which yes, really underlines just just how ridiculous every the plans come steal the Ruby Slippers are. Even when things appear to work-related for the witches or your monkey flunkies, Dorothy not just sees ideal through them, she decides to take it the high road and be nice come hem anyway. I"m still enjoying Wilhelmina and her reluctance in ~ trying to steal the slippers, too, although right here she renders it clear the it"s quiet her key motivation. Still, she plainly knows when it"s in her finest interests to protect against trying and just enjoy herself and Dorothy"s company.

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Wilhelmina reminds me a the majority of Andrea indigenous The Oz Kids, in that she may not yes, really be wicked as much as she simply does what"s meant of her.And hey, ns just found that there"s even an ext episodes that have started airing, therefore it shows up I may be act this because that a lengthy time still (or i may have to start copy up). One episode title mentions the Shaggy Man, for this reason there room going to it is in even more classic publication characters showing up.