"I don"t understand if you ever get end something favor that," Kyle Richards said Andy Cohen on Watch What happens Live

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Kyle Richards says Real Housewives the Beverly Hills costar Dorit Kemsley is "not therefore great" after gift the victim of a house invasion last month.

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Kemsley, 45, to be asleep at her Encino home with she two kids – son, Jagger, 7, and also daughter, Phoenix, 5 – as soon as three male intruders broke in on the night the Oct. 27. She husband, Paul "PK" Kemsley, remained in London at the time.

Speaking come Andy Cohen ~ above Tuesday's episode of Watch What happens Live, Richards, 52, said, "When it very first happened, to be unbelievably strong, and also I to be so impression by just how she taken on the case when it actually happened."

"And climate the days after, ns think the shock wore off and it fight her, and I think it's going to take her a long time to acquire over that," she continued.

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"I don't recognize if you ever get end something prefer that, girlfriend know, having actually two males in her bedroom in the middle of the night and one guy downstairs, and just to be house alone with just your children is simply absolutely terrifying. PTSD, for sure," Richards added.

Earlier this month, a resource told gendergeek.org that in the job after the attack, Kemsley was "trying to cure from the trauma."

"She is proceeding to put one foot in former of the other and is do the efforts to store things as normal as possible for her kids while personally make the efforts to heal from the trauma she has experienced," the resource said at the time. 

The insider added: "She has a lengthy journey ahead involving therapy and is cursed to the process."

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Last week, Kemsley spoke to Teddi Mellencamp top top Extra about the experience and shared shocking details around the break-in.

"I begged them, i begged because that my life, and begged for your life," the TV personality said as she revealed the robbers questioned killing her.

Kemsley recalled informing the assailants, "I don't care about any of it, take it all. You have the right to have the all. Please, I'm a mommy of babies. Please, they require me. Please don't ache me."

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In a push release issued critical month, the Los Angeles Police room reported the "the victim was in the residence at the time and was met by the suspects. The victim was in fear and complied with the suspects needs by directing them to valuables. The suspects took handbags, jewelry, and watches through a far-ranging monetary loss and also fled the ar in a black truck."

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No arrests have actually been make in the recurring investigation, despite the 3 suspects were explained as between 20 and also 30 year old wearing black color hoodies and also dark pants.

Police stated the LAPD's Robbery-Homicide division is right now handling the case because of its "high profile" nature. Anyone with details is motivated to email RHDtipline
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