The civilization lost a lover TV icon in Doris Roberts ~ above April 17, and also we lastly know why she happen away. Find out the reason of she deathright here.

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Everybody Loves RaymondstarDoris Robertsdied in ~ the age of 90on April 17 at the period of 90, and we space heartbroken at the loss. Check out on to check out why the actress, who many famously portrayedRaymond’s mommy Marie, happen on.

Doris’ fatality certificate, filed by the LA county Court,was derived by TMZ, and also it has been revealed the the lover actress passed away from a massive stroke. Doris had actually apparently to be fighting hypertension because that years prior to her death, however the immediate cause of fatality was“large hemorrhagic cerebrovascular accident” — the clinical term for having actually a stroke. May she remainder in peace.

Doris had an remarkable career, throughout which she won fiveEmmy Awards (fourfor her duty on Everybody Loves Raymond). Her fifth Emmy to be for playing a homeless woman on St. Elsewhere. She additionally had duties in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989), and also Grandma’s Boy (2006). She is endured byher son,Michael Cannata Jr.

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, and she hasthree grandchildren. Our hearts go out to them during this difficult time.


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