Doris Day and Rock Hudson: Always great for a Smile

I’m not specifically sure once I an initial ‘discovered’ the Doris Day/Rock Hudson romantic comedies, but I do remember the it was at some point in my childhood when my parents common them through me. And, together many classic movie fans will certainly attest, the films that are so lovingly mutual with us when we space young always seem to hold a special ar in ours hearts. And that is the case for me with Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back, and also Send Me No flower – the three films that Doris Day and also Rock Hudson made together.

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Doris Day and also Rock Hudson

Now together an adult, these movies are the perfect little pick-me-ups for me, especially great for unwinding after a challenging day in ~ work, and also always an excellent for a laugh and a smile… and, believe it or not, they likewise make the drudgery of house work it seems to be ~ a little more pleasant (there’s nothing choose ‘swiffering’ about the residence to the track of ‘You are My Inspiration, Alma’).

There’s just something about this Feisty-Girl-Next-Door + Strong-and-Handsome-Hunk Dynamic Duo that functions so wonderfully well together. Doris day is the perfect combination of sweetness, sexiness, sophistication and also smarts, when Rock, is well, Rock, a pretty darn sexy guy, even if it is he’s play the playboy or the husband. Both pat their duties to the hilt – whether romantic rivals, service rivals or married rivals — v a distinct chemistry that, by every accounts, bound them in a life-long friendship from job one.

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These films are chock-full of clever dialog (including a fair share of dual entendre), mistake identities/assumptions, and great clean ‘battle that the sexes’ fun — plus many chic Doris work fashion, and also (I would certainly be remiss not to cite this) the fabulous Tony Randall together the best-friend/boss side-kick (and the third, if friend will, in this Dynamic Trio)…

So, in celebration of ours ‘perfect combination’ Doris and Rock, I’d like to re-publishing some funny movie quotes… but very first here room some brief film descriptions for those of girlfriend who might not be acquainted with all three movies…



Pillow speak (1959): Successful interior Decorator, jan Morrow, is at she wit’s end with irritating party-line neighbor, playboy-songwriter Brad Allen, who’s continuous phone-courting his revolving-door lady friends through ‘custom’ songs written especially for lock (insert her name here). Lots of double-entendre sparring ensues while jan tries come wrestle part phone manage away indigenous Brad. Meanwhile Jan’s belief in guys is revived when she meets humble and also handsome (not to mention wealthy) Texas hunk Rex Stetson. As Jan continues to fight over she phone (and bedroom) problems with poor boy Brad, she brags about her new beau Rex — so the last laugh’s ~ above Mr. Allen, right? Or is it?  Spoiler alert: absent plays two duties here, kind of