Finding the silver- lining! Dorinda Medley claimed she has actually no hard feelings after gift fired native The actual Housewives of new York City, telling Us Weekly that she “of course” misses being part of the show.

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The 56-year-old star announced her departure from the Bravo series in respectable 2020, revealing two months later that she wasn’t offered the option to return for season 13. Now, however, she is grateful for much more at-home time.

“My mother said come me once the entirety thing occurred with Housewives, ‘Sometimes God does because that you that what you cannot perform for yourself,’” Medley exclusively told Us top top Thursday, February 4, while fostering her partnership with Nutrisystem. “And it’s to be a blessing to have the time off, because every once in a while, it’s crucial to stop reset, think, regroup. Due to the fact that we acquire lost, right? lost in everything this is: Housewife fame. The city. Wants, desires.”


Dorinda Medley. Aurora Rose/Shutterstock

The Massachusetts native provided that it has actually been “really nice just to sort of reset and also find Dorinda again. Not Dorinda the Housewife. Not Dorinda, man Dan’s daughter. No Dorinda, Richard’s wife. Simply Dorinda. I discovered it an extremely empowering.”

Medley explained that she break between the coronavirus pandemic has led come a “beautiful reset.” She has actually been security a the majority of time in ~ Blue stone Manor, she Massachusetts estate, and also with her parents, i m sorry she stated she “never really” had the possibility to execute years prior.

The business man revealed the she feels “happy” after getting some street from the Housewife world, telling Us the she has actually “no hard feelings” about how the ended.

“I was very quiet since I don’t have any type of bad feelings around it. I think whatever has a time and a place,” she said. “And i think the that was their decision. Things change and you have to accept change. And a the majority of times, if friend sit quietly and also you wait, it end up gift the ideal thing for you.”

Medley’s friendships v her castmates have additionally remained intact, 5 months after she departure.

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“I’m still an extremely close come everybody. I feel positive around it,” she explained. “You know, Andy checks in every when in a while and also everyone checks in. I was really friends through these people. They were part of mine life prior to the show. This wasn’t a show thing. This to be a actual thing.”

Medley is pleased with how her life is going post-RHONY, but she revealed that there room parts about the display she misses, saying, “I was a good housewife. I lugged it!”

Looking back, the TV personality described that she “really enjoyed” being a part of the franchise and is pleased the she “let the audience view me simply as i am.”

She continued: “You could love me. You deserve to hate it. I am an yes, really person. Like you’ve met me in genuine life. I’m not really different in genuine life than I to be on the show. So, I’ve really grown to respect myself for that. Like me, dislike me. I’m doing Dorinda Medley. And also I constantly make the nice.”


Dorinda Medley because that ‘The real Housewives of brand-new York City’. Sophy Holland/Bravo

Since announcing her exit in respectable 2020, after six periods on the show, Medley has kept liven by partnering through Nutrisystem. After gaining virtually 15 pounds amid the pandemic, the former Bravo star turned to the load loss regimen to slim down, telling Us that she is “getting close” to she goal load of 125 pounds.

“This is easy. The color-coded,” she stated of the program. “They personalize it for you. It shows up at her door, which for me to be everything. Due to the fact that I don’t know around you, yet I was so noble of going come the grocery store, just the entirety plan, do the efforts to number out what come eat. I was for this reason sick of cooking and also to try to curate something and still execute it myself during COVID, it was simply too much.”

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