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There room so numerous thingsThat God has carried me throughIf I had actually all night, ohIt wouldn't, wouldn't, wouldn't, wouldn't, wouldn't wouldn't, wouldn't be sufficient time to tell youI (I've got)I really perform (a)I really perform (reason)I acquired a factor (to praise)Yeah, yeah (the Lord)I can have been deadSleeping in my graveBut I say thanks to God that, the it's one more dayThat God has offered me simply to live because that himI've got a factor (I've)Yes I carry out (got)Whoo (a reason)Really obtained a reason (to praise)Yeah, yeah yeah yeah (the lord has)He has actually (allowed me)He's permitted me (one an ext day)One more, one more, one much more day (so I)I (must)I gotta (give)Give him (him)Yes (give him praise)Yeah y-y-y-y-y-y-y-yeah yes yeah yes (give that praise)Oh I've (I've)Yeah (got)I got a reason (a reason)Anybody acquired a factor (to praise)To worship (the Lord)
Oh, countless years have actually come and also goneBut it's amazing that God kept us through every oneAnd today, right currently where i standI've obtained a testimony, I've got a testimony, I've gained a testimonyOoh, I've got a reason (I've)Yeah (got)Oh (a)Oh, yes (reason)You've gained a factor (to praise)To praise (the Lord has allowed)He's allowed me (me one more day)Yeah, yeah, yeah, yes yeah (so I)I gotta (must)I gotta (give him)I don't know around y'all, yet I gotta offer him (give that praise)Yeah (give the praise)'Cause he wake up me up early this morning(That's the reason)And he started me on my, my, my, my, my, my, my, mine way(That's the reason)He opened my eyes and I have the right to see now(That's the reason)He opened my mouth and also now I can t-t-t-t-talk, talk, talk(That's a reason)I to be sinking deep in sin, much from the relaxed shore(That's a reason)God conserved me, placed his arms approximately me, and also he forgave me(That's a reason)I was out of your will and also you rescued me, yes girlfriend did(That's a reason)You provided me one more chance and you forgave me(That's a reason)I, whoo, ns really acquired a reason, yeah(That's a reason)Trouble all around me, but you safeguarded me, whoo(That's a reason)I've gained a reason, I've acquired a reason, I've gained a reason, yes i do(That's a reason)When i look earlier over mine life and also see exactly how he brought me through(That's a reason)I acquired a reason, I-I-I(That's a reason)I gained a factor to praise my God, yeah yeah(That's a reason)He put food on my table, apparel on my back, and I've obtained a reason(That's a reason)He placed shelter end my head, he's done just what that said(I-I-I-I, I-I-I-I, I-I-I-I) I, hey(Got a reason) obtained a reason(To praise) come praise(The Lord) the Lord

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I got a reason, claimed I got a reasonTell someone I don't have actually all night come tell youJust look, ns really do have actually a reasonIf i told you mine life story, several of y'all wouldn't think itBut I got a reasonTell somebody down the rowSay ns really obtained a reasonJust for the sake of time I'm just gonna wave my handAnd permit God recognize I evaluate what he's doneI've got a reason, ohYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahI-I, I-I (that's the reason)I, i (that's the reason)Got a reason, yeah, yeah, gained a reason y'all (that's the reason)Oh as soon as I look at the timesWhen i was despondent and nobody about (that's the reason)I, ooh yeah, oh yes (that's the reason)Oh when I look at the time when I virtually lost my life (that's the reason)Oh, I, I, i (that's the reason)I acquired a reason, oh yes I-I-I (that's the reason)(I-I-I-I, I-I-I-I, I-I-I-I acquired a reason) ns really got a reason(To praise) to praise(The Lord) the LordI've obtained a reason