In a Peruvian jungle, tiny Dora the explorer (Madelyn Miranda) and also her cousin Diego (Malachi Barton) are having an adventure with Dora’s finest friend, Boots the monkey (Danny Trejo). Afterward, the two have dinner v Dora’s parents, Cole (Michael Pena) and Elena (Eva Longoria), both of whom room professors. They phone call the kids the legend of Parapata, a lost Incan city claimed to hold a an excellent treasure. However, Cole and also Elena would fairly learn more about the city’s background than to take the gold.

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Dora and Diego go to bed, but they are sad because Diego should go earlier home with his family. In the morning, the cousins bid each other farewell, however Dora chases after Diego’s parents’ car.

Ten years later, Dora (now play by Isabela Moner) is quiet adventurous and cheerful. She and also Boots are being chased by pygmy elephants prior to encountering crocodiles. They climate come throughout a cavern with Incan carvings. Dora then spots a golden totem that she think holds a clue come finding Parapata. She tries to leap across the large gap for it, but she ends up falling with no injuries. Boots walk to acquire Cole and also Elena, and also they take it the totem with them. They all see that there’s a map top top the ago that have the right to lead them come Parapata. Unfortunately for Dora, she parents phone call her that they are sending out her to live v Diego (now played by Jeff Wahlberg) and his family members to walk to school and live like a typical kid. Dora is dismayed but goes in addition to it, back she is not enabled to carry Boots v her.

Dora pipeline her parents and arrives in the huge city, greeting everyone she meets. She finds she aunt and also uncle and also then excitedly greets Diego, who has actually now become an ext aloof and also somewhat cynical. The two start institution together, where Diego alerts her that it will be prefer nothing she has actually encountered before. Upon arriving, Dora passes with a metal detector and also has come empty her backpack, which includes things choose a roadway flare, a knife, medication, and a yo-yo. She also meets the class honors student Sammy (Madeleine Madden), whom Diego considers to be snobby, and also then Randy (Nicholas Coombe), a nerdy boy that instantly develops a to like on Dora when she shows her expertise of astronomy. In class, Dora upstages Sammy through her educated solution on the teacher’s question around “Moby Dick”, which upsets Sammy.

Over time, Dora maintains her friendly disposition while gaining used to school. She make the efforts to save in touch with her parents, yet they eventually stop responding. She then attends a winter dance wherein everyone is dressed up as their favourite stars (as in, celebrities), and Dora dresses up together the sun. She beginning to run in former of everyone by mimicking animal movements, and also when she invites Diego to join, he is simply embarrassed in front of everyone. Dora follows him outside, yet he speak her the she is the course weirdo. This harms her feelings, and she runs residence where Abuelita Valerie (Adriana Barraza) comforts her.

The next day, the class goes top top a ar trip come a museum wherein they walk on a scavenger hunt. Dora and also Diego room left through Sammy and Randy. A security guard calls Dora over and offers come help. She allows Dora and also her friends go down to the storage room whereby they are uncovered by a mercenary called Powell (Temeura Morrison). He and the defense guard (plus a third man) lock the children in a crate, and Powell tells Dora she is walking to lead them to her parents so the they can uncover Parapata.

The kids wake increase in the crate. Dora takes she knife the end to open up it and also then realizes they room in Peru. She thinks someone has spotted her, however they are discovered by a guy named Alejandro Gutierrez (Eugenio Derbez), who claims to know Dora’s parents after working v them in ~ the university. He division the kids out, however Powell and his goons spot them. That orders Swiper the fox (Benicio Del Toro) to pursue them. The group runs toward a hangar, however Swiper captures them and…well, swipes Dora’s sketch of her backpack. He gives it come Powell, but Alejandro rides up in a van to obtain the kids. The mercenaries follow after them, leading Alejandro come hide them the end in a crop field.

Dora tells the team they have to go find her parents. Alejandro produce Cole’s newspaper that he claims he found as he was tracking them prior to they disappeared. Castle drive until they reach Cole and also Elena’s car, yet they don’t check out them there. The team must then walk with the jungle end a day, whereby Alejandro tells the kids around Los Guardianes Perdidos/The shed Guardians, a dangerous ancient militia committed to protecting Parapata. Dora additionally shows a expertise of the Incan language. The team then find Cole and Elena’s campsite, yet they room not there and also the location is trashed. They are then uncovered by Boots, who Dora is enthusiastic to see. She then thinks she have the right to track her parents prior to the mercenaries get them.

The group continues walking, however Sammy has to poop. Dora helps her uncover a spot to walk privately, even making a song around it. Arrows then begin flying as the lost Guardians fire castle while remaining hidden. The team runs and hides in a log, however it gets knocked over and also they roll down a hill. After acquiring to safety, Dora is bummed out over the situation, to add Sammy’s frustration over her. Diego walk to talk to her, however Dora starts to realize that he actually has a like on Sammy, which makes her gleeful.

The team spots the mercenaries, yet Boots distracts them come make sure nobody clues the group. Dora realizes the the mercenaries room headed in opposing direction of her parents, due to the fact that they had written that the passage to Parapata is through the ruins of one old opera house. As they continue on your journey, they step in quicksand. Dora helps her friends acquire out by relaxing themselves prior to swimming out, yet Alejandro panics as well much and also sinks faster. That doesn’t aid that two scorpions begin mating ~ above his head. He end up sinking every the way, yet Randy sees the his legs space sticking out from under a rock. The children pull him the end alive.

They room then uncovered by an old woman (Isela Vega). She take away them into her home, however she reacts badly as soon as she hears Parapata mentioned. Using rock figures, she suggests that the team will dice if they shot to uncover Parapata. She does offer to take it the team downriver to acquire them home, however Dora decides to proceed finding she parents. Diego and also Alejandro go with her, for this reason the old mrs takes Sammy and Randy with her. Just prior to the two board the boat with the old woman, Sammy notices her wrist tattoo gift the exact same symbol discovered on the arrows shot by the lost Guardians. She and also Randy run off to warn the others.

On their walk, the trio comes throughout giant flowers. Alejandro accidentally brushes one and also they all start to create spores. The trio begin to hallucinate and also see themselves in the art layout of the cartoon (complete v talking Map and Backpack). Alejandro takes his garments off as he loser his mind, yet Dora and also Diego clues a means forward. Castle leap across a canyon and also are caught by Sammy and Randy. Dora comes ago to planet as she regains consciousness. The group sits approximately a campfire, whereby Diego speak Dora that he never ever forgot around their adventures.

After waking up, the team proceeds forward, but they autumn through the ground and also end increase in an aqueduct. Randy pulls a bar that reasons the location to start flooding. As the water level reaches the top, that remembers he can hold his breath because that up to seven minutes, so he swims down and finds the flower to relax the water. The team is sucked down the drain, and also they come approximately a river where they uncover Cole and Elena. Dora happy reunites through her parents, however when she mentions Alejandro, they say they don’t understand him. It transforms out Alejandro was leading the mercenaries and had tricked Dora into leading him to Parapata. Powell and the others come to take the group and also force castle to command them to the city.

The group eventually spots Parapata from a distance, but they must continue to discover the entrance. Boots frees the children from their ropes, and also Dora knocks out a merc through the yo-yo. Dora runs to uncover her friends and also ends increase stumbling down a hill. Boots find her, and also she expresses doubt in herself since she feeling she gained them all into this mess. Boots climate speaks because that the very first time to give Dora encouraging words. The others uncover her and also agree to aid her acquire her parental back.

The kids find Swiper and Powell guarding the gate that leads into Parapata. Dora litter a gold poison frog, which knocks castle both out. Castle then watch that the moonlight illuminates the tiles top top the ground, yet four particular ones stay lit. They complement the constellations to your animals, and also they pull the levers that open the door entrance. It brings them to a room wherein they need to shine a light to get one more passage to open. Sammy it s okay freaked out by spiders, causing her to drop she bowl v the light, and also the spike-covered ceiling starts comes down. The youngsters get out before they space crushed. Castle then end up in a room wherein they accidentally step on the wrong tile, causing them come slide under the floor. They every jump prior to falling onto spears, and also they do it to safety.

They lastly come across the sweetheart of Parapata, yet Dora knows the there should be some type of test. Alejandro appears, as he had actually been complying with them. Dora reads the Incan inscription and sees the the gold monkey totem needs a gift that what the Incans valued the most. Alejandro is details that it’s gold, for this reason he places a gold coin on the monkey’s hands. A rumbling happens, and also the floor in ~ Alejandro drops, and also he falls through, yet holds on for his life. The shed Guardians arise with Cole and Elena, as well as the old woman. She raises her hand, and also her true image is revealed – she is Princess Kawillaka (Q’orianka Kilcher). The Guardians take it Alejandro together their prisoner, but before they carry out the same to Dora and her friends, she speak in Incan come Kawillaka to prove that they don’t desire the treasure, but rather the knowledge. She pours water into the monkey totem’s hands, which expose the true endowment behind the walls to Parapata. Swiper damages the moment by swiping the monkey totem, causing the whole structure to start coming down. Everyone runs come safety, however Boots knocks Swiper down, and also Dora return the totem to its place. Cole and Elena show Dora exactly how proud castle are, and also Diego and also Sammy recognize their feelings for each other with a kiss.

Everyone returns to Cole and also Elena’s residence for dinner. Castle sit through the water through Dora, informing her that they room going on one more expedition and would choose to invite her. Although she is interested, Dora has chose to remain in the city v Diego and their friends. Together she to walk away, Cole and also Elena start crying hysterically.

During the credits, Dora, Diego, Sammy, and also Randy all perform a song and also dance at school, top all your classmates to join. Meanwhile, Swiper do the efforts to take the totem the Cole and also Elena have, but they prevent him v a “Swiper, no swiping!” (“Aw man!”)

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Dora The traveler is currently a teenager, and her parental Cole and also Elena space making she live in the city v her cousin Diego so that she deserve to have a regular life. Return she is excited for a new adventure, she finds that high institution is tough, and also not anyone is ready to be she friend.

On a ar trip, Dora and also Diego, plus classmates Sammy and Randy, space kidnapped by mercenaries and also taken to the tropical in Peru where Dora supplied to live. Swiper the fox steals Dora"s map that will lead the mercenaries come the fabled Incan city of Parapata. The children are uncovered by a guy named Alejandro, who insurance claims to recognize Dora"s parents. As they search for Cole and Elena through the jungle, lock are assisted by Dora"s finest friend, Boots the monkey.

After finding Dora"s parents, they find out Alejandro is the villain and also that he has actually been top the mercenaries to uncover Parapata. Boots help the children escape the mercenaries, yet Alejandro adheres to them because he to know Dora will number out just how to obtain to Parapata. Castle eventually find the place and are met through Princess Kawillaka and the shed Guardians, who protect Parapata. Alejandro"s greed for your treasure leads to him gift taken as their prisoner, however Dora convinces Kawillaka the all they want is knowledge to file from Parapata. Prior to they can do so, Swiper steals a gold monkey totem, resulting in the location to collapse. Dora and Boots avoid him and save Parapata.

Although Cole and also Elena invite Dora to join them on another adventure, Dora has determined to remain with Diego and also their friends.

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