"Doomsday: 10 methods the people Will End" looks in ~ apocalyptic calamities so cataclysmic that if they taken place today, they could extinguish the human being race. From substantial asteroid results to volcanic hyper-eruptions come sudden power blasts from outer space, will certainly you it is in ready? Can any kind of of us survive?


More 보다 65 Million year ago, an asteroid affect caused a cascade of calamities that resulted in the downfall that the dinosaurs. What would happen if the same size space rock to win the same spot?


A supermassive black hole is moving toward earth at virtually the rate of light, and also civilization is under strike from a catastrophic—but unseen—threat.

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There are twice as numerous rogue planets as stars in the galaxy. So, what might happen if a ringed world the size of Neptune to be on a collision course v Earth?


World battle III breaks out and also a nuclear nightmare becomes reality as adeadly autumn of ash and debris create a atom Winter, plunging the planet into a sudden ice cream Age.


When planet gets fight by a fatal Solar Storm—a enormous chunk that the Sun—our planet's electric system turns into a smoking cigarettes ruin. Exactly how does modern civilization deal with without power?

A volcano hyper eruption blows v the surface ar of the Earth, and a bad day it s okay worse as volcanic gas blocks out sunlight, food chain collapse, and famine intimidates mankind.

When a gamma beam burst from 2 colliding stars hits the atmosphere, the deadly radiation it is provided agonizing death and also immediately wipes out half the planet.

Earth's deadly autumn takes 65 days, triggering substantial hurricanes, sandstorms and--with temperatures reaching over 200 degrees—a warm wave the kills every critical person.

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When rogue aliens start a surprise attack on Earth, world are left dying in the streets, human being governments are obliterated, cities space destroyed, and a deadly virus is unleashed. Have the right to mankind survive?

Ocean currents control the climate around the world. When they suddenly stop, it unleashes an countless cascade the weather disasters and a climate catastrophe that threatens to finish human civilization.