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- In the beginning, once you check in upon gendergeek.orge to Mars, action behind the guy (who offers you your PDA) and read what he species on his gendergeek.orgputer. The "supplemental info" is hilarious. (Make sure you collection your display screen to hi-res and also use "zoom" if necessary.)

- prior to getting back from the underground, make certain to usage the terminal in the protection room: it has actually a hidden menu which enables you to open the screen case and get the an equipment gun.

- Visit the URLs from the PDAs you conference throughout the game: These are real web sites, opened by the developers and also id themselves. One of them even has a protection code, which you deserve to use in ~ the game to open a warehouse crate and get an ass-kicking gun.http://www.martianbuddy.gendergeek.org - 0508

- there is an arcade device in the kitchen which allows you gendergeek.orge play a gendergeek.org-inspired game and gain part points of no value.

- at the an extremely end once you obtain down native the lift and walk under some corridors you pertained to a T junction. Rather of going ideal to the finish boss. Walk left and crouch down. Look because that an ID logo on among the wall surface bricks and click that (like a lift interface). The wall will open up up and you will have actually a special PDA wait for you inside.


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Level Sub-level Code source Content 001 Mars city maintenance 396 Adam Berneche"s PDA bullets 003 Recycling 2 Monorail accessibility 483 Nick Sadowayj"s PDA grenades, plasma cell, armor, clips 009 Alpha Labs 1 EPD laboratory 752 Kyle Berger"s PDA lg. Med. Kit, armor, grenades, clip 013 Admin Alpha Labs Hallway 586 Alan Dorweiler"s PDA Grenades, Shells, Clip, Armor 017 Mars City Infirmary 347 Dr. Mark Caseon" s PDA shells, clip, armor, lg. Med kit 023 Mars City Und. Energy Stabalization Unit 531 approve Bastion"s PDA sm. Armor, shells, lg. Med. Kit 038 Alpha Labs 2 MFS gendergeek.orgpressor 409 Andrew Chin"s PDA armor, clip, grenades 039 Alpha Labs 2 Coolant regulate 102 Walter Connor"s PDA clips, armor 047 Alpha Labs 3 Hazardous materials Lift 123 mark Lamia"s PDA grenades, clips 048 Alpha Labs 3 Coolant monitoring 123 mark Lamia"s PDA plasma cells, ammo belt, lg. Med. Kit 049 Alpha Labs 3 EFR Staging Room 123 note Lamia"s PDA sm. Armor 054 gendergeek.orgmunitications protection Office 246 Ben Wolfe"s PDA grenades, armor 054 Monorail Siite 2 Boarding gendergeek.orgmunication 142 Charles Hollies"s PDA armor, rockets, grenades 063 EnPro Plant power Core access 972 Theresa Chasar"s PDA plasma gun, cells, sm. Med kit. 064 Alpha Labs 4 EFR master Valve 651 Henry Nelson"s PDA sm. Armor, clip, plasma cell 078 Monorail Delta security Checkpoint 364 knife Cullen"s PDA lg. Med. Ket, clips, grenades 079 Monorail Delta defense Checkpoint 364 karl Cullen"s PDA lg. Med. Kits, clips, grenades 103 Delta Labs Lvl 2B maintenance Corridor 259 Francis Jackson"s PDA plasma cell, shells, lg. Med. Kit 104 Delta Labs Lvl. 4 Delta 4 protection 579 Jack Gilbert"s PDA rockets, armor, ammo belt 112 Delta 2A documents Office 538 candid Cinder"s PDA sm. Armor, cells, shotgun 114 Delta 2A work Server Room 715 keep in mind on room backpack, armor, clip 116 Delta 2A Delta security 972 Laptop in Delta protection lg. Med. Kit, armor, plasma gun, BFG cell 216 Delta 2B Specimen study Lab 624 Dr. Michael"s educates you shells, bullets, plasma cabinet 217 Delta 2B Specimen study Lab 624 Dr. Michael"s informs you armor, BFG cell, grenades 213 Delta 2B Stasis transport Lab 371 Jacob Stemmon"s PDA shells, clip, plasma cell 21D Delta 1 storage Room 21-D 298 Robert Price"s PDA armor, rockets, lg. Med. Kit, grenades 317 Delta 4 Terminal Office warehouse 841 frank Cerano"s PDA armor, rockets, lg. Med. Kit, clips, bullets 386 Delta 3 T1 accessibility 836 Han Lee"s PDA clips, lg. Med kit, ammo belt, bullets 387 Delta 3 T1 access 836 Han Lee"s PDA clip, rocket, grenades, lg. Med kit, armor 452 CPU facility Entrance Checkpoint 571 Bruce Jackson"s PDA rocket launcher, rockets, grenades 666 Delta 2B analysis Control 372 note on room imp, armor 669 CPU facility Lab A upper Floors 468 Charlie Haskell"s PDA grenades, plasma cells, armor Mars City Underground: energy Processing 4 Failure password for operations Terminal

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