You may already know the Disney’s The Princess and the Frog attracted inspiration from the true story the Leah Chase, the legendary brand-new Orleans chef. The real chef behind Princess Tiana owned a restaurant in brand-new Orleans, Dooky Chase’s Restaurant. If the restaurant is definitely a location we recommend, Princess and also the Frog fans can likewise learn more about Leah follow at Smithsonian national Museum of afri American background and culture in Washington, D.C.

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Ms. Follow was a truly remarkable woman who can be discovered at the helm in Dooky chase well into her nineties. The new Orleans community and beyond mourned her loss last year once she passed away at the period of 96. As soon as we checked out the restaurant just three month prior, in march 2019, Ms. Chase was actually cooking that evening. Unbelievable! I would certainly argue the Ms. Follow was without doubt a “super-ager”–one to it is in studied.

Leah chase in Washington, D.C.

While you have the right to still visit the restaurant in brand-new Orleans, I newly found an additional destination celebrate the life and also legacy of Leah Chase. This time, it remained in my own backyard.

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On display at the Smithsonian nationwide Museum of african American background are a variety of artifacts, consisting of her cooking pot, restaurant menu and iconic glowing pink chef’s jacket. Instead of donning a timeless white chef’s coat, she famously opted for jackets in shining red and pinks. The coat became component of she public persona. Ns would also imagine the it hid cooking stains rather well!

Original artifacts on screen representing Leah chase at the Smithsonian national Museum of afri American history and culture in Washington, D.C.On screen in the museum’s “Cultural Expressions” exhibition as an instance of far-ranging African American contributions to Foodways

The “Queen of creolian Cuisine” came to be an worldwide icon, hosting top of state–including U.S. Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama–at the restaurant she owned through her husband. She restaurant served well-known musicians and also actors, and also even played hold to clandestine meetings during the Civil rights era.

Leah Chase and also Princess Tiana

Much favor the personality she influenced, Ms. Chase faced challenges on her path to coming to be a female african American entrepreneur. But likewise like Tiana, Leah Chase had a penchant for hospitality.