Demand because that the “Don’t Tread ~ above Me” specialty license plate canonizing the tea party’s rallying cry has made the tag among the many coveted in the state, in spite of being available for just 20 months.

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As of Nov. 30, nearly 21,800 Virginia-registered automobiles sported the plates, which resemble the rattlesnake-emblazoned Revolutionary-era Gadsden Flag, ranking it 9th in popularity among an ext than 200 state-sanctioned specialty plates, follow to state figures.

Among specialty tags authorized in the past 5 years, “Don’t Tread on Me” lags behind just the “In God us Trust” national motto plate, clearly shows on approximately 23,500 cars.

Virginia is one of at the very least six says that have actually sanctioned “Don’t Tread on Me” plates. Others space Arizona, Missouri, Oklahoma, south Carolina and also Texas.

Several various other Virginia specialty plates with political themes are less famous than the plate sporting the limited-government group’s embraced motto. The abortion-rights “Trust Women/Respect Choice” plate, for instance, is on around 1,600 vehicles. Roughly 5,400 cars display screen the anti-abortion equivalent message, “Choose Life.”

Keith Freeman did not point out politics when he recently asked an employee in ~ a department of engine Vehicles office in Norfolk around the “Don’t Tread top top Me” license plates he might see top top the various other side that the counter.

When he was told they were stocked because of their popularity, the reinforced what the Hampton roadways Tea Party chairman currently was thinking.

“I’m see them anywhere now,” claimed Freeman, who lives in Virginia Beach and has the license plates ~ above his pickup truck.

Larry Nordvig, executive director the the Tea Party, states he has actually sets the the key on both that his cars.

“Most ‘Don’t Tread top top Me’ plates have a customized message, such as ‘TPARTY,’ ‘LIBERT’ or a comparable patriotic phrase,” he stated in one email. “We simply ran a promotion last month right here at Tea Party. Any kind of supporter who purchased a DTOM license plate gained a totally free Tea Party European-style vehicle magnet.

“There are fairly a few of this plates in the parking lot at our meetings now. I view them anywhere town. Notably, i have seen several members of law enforcement and the armed forces who have them on their an individual vehicles. World from various other states talk about my plates and are plainly jealous!”

Folks such together Freeman concede that an ext tea party plates are in circulation than there are energetic members of the various regional affiliate groups. The appeal is heartening to those in the motion confronting hard questions around its muscle after ~ November choice losses by Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson, Republican ticket-mates v tea party backing.

“My theory on this is, world want to feel choose they’re act something, that they’re not happy with the status quo,” stated Norfolk’s David Donis, a past Hampton roadways Tea Party chairman.

The article they bear resonates past the tea party core, added David Dwyer, a past chairman the the Hampton roads Tea Party’s Norfolk chapter:

“It is a symbol of disappointed — a prize of disgust through the government,” stated Dwyer, who has the key on two an individual vehicles.

For some, it’s an ext than that. Warrenton’s stack Buchanan provides his “Don’t Tread on Me” plate together advertising: his view FFC tags direct civilization to the conservative-minded “Fauquier totally free Citizen” virtual publication, and the plate is sandwiched in between bumper stickers on his truck cultivating the website.

The article on his wife’s license plate — DDM BRO — tells huge Brother to earlier off; Buchanan states its translation is “Don’t drone me, Bro.”

Buchanan, the outgoing an initial vice chairman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation, think the plates draw the classic “taxed sufficient already” collection and rather exasperated by what he considers Obama management scandals the qualify together tyranny.

Despite your proliferation, no everyone who is fed up with the system has affixed the plates to their cars. Freeman stated his mam shares his feelings but has declined to display the “gaudy” yellow plates because they’d clash with her wine-colored vehicle.

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The fee for specialty plates is $10 — part revenue-sharing tag cost more — on optimal of the regular registration fee. Because that a personalized message, tack on one more $10. In one of two people case, the payable to the state.


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