Las vegas Strip headliner Donny Osmond has actually been unmasked. The famed male mainstay that the Donny & Marie manufacturing in the duo’s eponymous theater at Flamingo ras Vegas was without doubt the costumes Peacock on the Fox-TV competition show.

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The Monster is revealed together T-Pain during "The masking Singer." with T-Pain is organize Nick Cannon. (Fox)
The punishment is revealed as Gladys Knight during "The masked Singer." v Knight is host Nick Cannon. (Fox)
The Peacock is revealed together Donny Osmond throughout "The masking Singer." with Osmond is hold Nick Cannon. (Fox)

Las las vegas Strip headliner Donny Osmond has been unmasked.

The famous male mainstay that the Donny & Marie production in the duo’s eponymous theatre at Flamingo ras Vegas was certainly the costumed Peacock ~ above the Fox-TV competition show.

Gladys Knight, a previous Las vegas resident, was also unmasked together the Bee. T-Pain was unmasked to be the one-eyed Monster in tonight’s finale and was called the collection champion.

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The style in the eight-show collection was for judges Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke and also Nicole Scherzinger to effort to guess singers’ hidden identities (guest judges included Keenan Thompson that “Saturday Night Live,” Joel McHale and comic J.B. Smoove. Nick Cannon hosted.

NFL legend Terry Bradshaw, comic Margaret Cho, and also stage demonstrate Rumer Willis and also actress Tori Spelling were among the costumed celeb contestants. The performers dropped hints through performances and recorded interviews in each broadcast.

Woke up this particular day wondering if ns was a human or a #peacock.