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After divorcing director man Asher, Jenny McCarthywasn’t expecting to uncover fairytale romance.

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She was much more focused on supporting her son, Evan Joseph Asher, who had been diagnosed with autism. In enhancement to learning about treatments, Jenny to be heading the autism advocacy group, Generation Rescue.

Then, of course, there was Jenny’s career, after being named Playmate that the Year in 1993, Jenny went on to co-host MTV video game shows and host her really own speak show, The Jenny McCarthy Show. over the years, the former Playboy newspaper modelalso popped up as a guest on countless sitcoms, and movies choose BASEketball and also Scary Movie 3.

But somehow amidst she colorful, liven life, Jenny did manage to discover love, with not one yet two of Hollywood’s many talented men: Jim Carrey and also Donnie Wahlberg.

Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey

Jenny met Jim Carrey in 2005, soon after divorcing she husband of six years. The 2 celebs met atactor David Spade’s date of birth party. in ~ a couple of years of dating, the 2 of them to be living together without any plans to marry. As Jim said CNN’s Larry King, “I choose it the means it is, and also I think she likes the the method it is. And also that’s all we need. Ns really don’t, at this suggest of mine life, feel like I require to have the approval of who in the collar or a referee to tell us that our relationship is sacred.”

While their connection was famously fun-loving and also happy, Jenny and Jim ended up parting methods after 5 years of gift together. “He didn?t want to move to Los Angeles, and she definitely can?t move to Boston,” one sourcesaid of the breakup. “They?re quiet friends, they simply couldn?t do it work. “Jenny and also I have just ended our 5yr relationship. I’m grateful 4 the numerous blessings we’ve shared and also I wish she the an extremely best! S’okay! ?;^>” the comedian tweeted.

Jenny McCarthy & she Husband Donnie Wahlberg


A couple of years after your breakup, the former Playboy Playmatemet she future husband Donnie Wahlbergwhile shooting an illustration of Watch What happens Live. Favor Jenny, Donnie to be divorced and also had two kids from a ahead marriage: Xavier and Elijah.

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A year later, Donnie, that was a founding member of new Kids ~ above the Block and star the the Emmy-nominated Wahlburgers — appeared on Jenny’s speak show. After ~ the show, Donnie scored Jenny’s number and asked her out a pair of mainly later. Within a year the dating, the couple decided to get hitched. Jennyannounced the news top top ABC’s The View, noting that her boy Evan helped with the proposal. “This weekend i was sitting v Donnie and he entered the other room and also out come Evan with a card that claimed ‘Will.’ she remembered. “And he ran away and also came back with a card that claimed ‘You,’ and I knew what to be happening and I just started crying. And then he came out through a map that claimed ‘Marry,’ however it to be spelled ‘Mary,’ and the last time Donnie come out with Evan and also Evan’s shirt stated ‘Me?’ and also he was holding the ring. He asked, ‘Will girlfriend marry me?’ ns of course stated yes.”

In the months before getting married, the duo started filming a truth TV present called Donnie Loves Jenny. The show continued after the pair was wed in ~ the Hotel Baker in St. Charles, lasting 3 seasons. Eventually, the pair decided come halt production to provide Evan privacy together he navigates the azer high college years. “He doesn’t want film crews in his house and I deserve to understand that, especially those teenage years,”Jenny said.